1. Handsdown one of the coolest, most inspiring, and fascinating interviews I’ve read. You two obviously have an amazing rapport with each other. Thank you both!!

    I think this is one of my favourite (funny) bits: “They know all the varieties of Snapple on earth and are as particular about their coffee as a NASA engineer is about propulsion systems.”

    Now I’m curious how Russ got the money in high school to buy a Writer’s Market every year …

    • Thanks for coming back for Part Two!

      *Steps aside to allow Russ to receive his well-deserved applause*

      I loved that line, too–lol, almost spilled my sugar-free-vanilla-nonfat-milk-extra-hot latte on my keyboard when I read it.

    • I loved how he spent time with each question, providing very thoughtful answers. But, lol, can you believe he chose the Dark Knight over The Dude?!? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. Come back again soon–and invite all your friends!

      • Superstar! [looks over shoulder] Who came in?

        Thanks Melodye and everyone! Very happy to be here. You know, I’ve had this LiveJournal account for years and have never used it. Had to figure out how to get back in! Maybe I should start blogging.

        Anyways, thank you for all the kind words! And Melodye, thank YOU so much for this wonderful forum! You are a promoter extraordinaire. (And I confess to peeking at lots of your previous blogs…wonderful!).

        About those early copies of Writers Market. I think they only cost like 10 bucks back then! Even a high school guy could manage to scrape together a “Hamilton.” Boy, did I love those things. Read each and every article multiple times and perused most of the listings. Funny that I never used a single one to actually submit a story, though I collected probably 15 of the things. They used to fill up a whole shelf.

        • Re: Superstar! [looks over shoulder] Who came in?

          Hey, welcome back to the LJ playground! It’s a great place to hang out, and we’d love to have you (re)join us.

          Ready, set, go–I’ll race you to the monkey bars! Or hop on a swing and I’ll give you a big push.

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