1. As the younger kids would say, Way Cool, Melodye! He’s a techie too! Is your younger son also a computer nerd?

    The more I learn about you and your family, the more I wonder about fate and how it played a hand in our lives crossing. My son J is one of the guys who keep Microsoft’s application delivery system across networks up and running, so when your son has a networking problem J is one of the guys that he would call. Our worlds seems to be connecting more and more : )

    J called me last night to tell me that one of his newest cases is NASA His statement was, “God, I love this work” so I guess he won’t be headed back east to live anytime soon, but that’s okay. I miss him like mad, but I am so glad that he loves his work and is happy in his element,and hanging out with all the other techs in Seattle.

    We are a couple of very proud mamma’s!!

  2. ok Mel, Bubba says maybe you need to take your son out behind the barn and teach him he should have an ” In the Fatherhood” series. I know Bubba would win hands down. LOL…. I know you are proud of him. Bubba says he done you good.

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