It’s not a race, but…

Remember when Oprah ran the Marine Corps marathon a few years back? Afterward, she told an interviewer that everyone, no matter how athletic or practiced, hits a wall before breaking the tape. “It does not matter what your religion is or who you worship — you will see Jesus at mile 22.” 

I swear, I saw Jesus as I stumbled through drafted Chapter Three. But I kept trudging along until (thank God!) I broke through that barrier. I’m revising my sample pages today, and I can actually see the finish line for the entire proposal. 

Plans for the week: 
Revise and send sample chapters to my critique partners 
Write book overview and chapter outline
Keep the kitchen remodel moving forward (running water would be a miracle)
Playtime with my “baby” sister, who’s coming for a visit! 


  1. Wait, I thought you had running water. Argh. Congrats on all your progress, you’ll be shipping your baby off in no time! Have a great time with your sister!!

  2. I will be at Marine Corps and am going to hang out at mile 22 because I have always wanted to meet Jesus.

    Yay on finally seeing the finish line! That is a great accomplishment.

  3. WooHoo! No matter how difficult the trek getting there, where EVAR we see Jesus is a good place to be!!

    And, yes…it is a RACE – Keep up the good work and you’ll cross the finish line on your feet!!


    • Me = grateful for small miracles.

      Do you have time to take a peek at my three chapters all together? It’s about 32 pages in all. I’m trying to get them ready asap. But if you don’t have time, just tell me. I certainly understand that you have a lot on your plate.

      I won’t be at PFL this week, but I’ll be there next week, for sure.

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