Love Letter

When a solicitation finds its way into my Inbox, I usually hit ‘delete.’ This pitch, I feel compelled to pass along:

I will seek and find you.

I shall take you to bed and have my way with you.

I will make you ache, shake and sweat until you moan and groan.

I will make you beg for mercy, beg for me to stop.

I will exhaust you to the point that you will be relieved when I’m finished with you.

And, when I am finished, you will be weak for days.

All my love,


The Center for Disease Control says 86% of us should get flu shots this year. This is sage advice—especially during this economic downturn. Many among us can ill afford sick days, much less doctor visits or health insurance. It makes sense, then, to do whatever we can to stay healthy.

Got tips to help carry us through this financial crisis? We’re all in this together, so please share. Post your ideas in the comments thread, or spread the word on your own blog. Let’s flip misery on its ear by turning this into a fun meme.

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    I know it is not on the home front, but I saved a few pennies for the school and recycled a bit by taking my non-relevant papers in a box to the school for the kindergartners to practice cutting on.

    • Fantastic (and very generous) contribution — thanks! I’m sure the teachers and students were grateful. Mother Earth would thank you, if she could. πŸ™‚

      Hey, it’s your birthday tomorrow, isn’t it?!? Got big plans for a celebration? I hope so!

  2. That is too funny! And here I thought you were in bed with the flu!

    Okay, my tip for the day is that if you need to replace toilets (or other appliances,) see if your water company is giving rebates for low flush types. 80 bucks back for two toilets isn’t bad…not to mention that we’ll finally have toilets that flush properly and don’t leak. πŸ™‚

    • Glad you liked it!

      You are so right about the rebates. Seriously, almost every utility company offers rebates of some sort, for those of us who are willing (or find it necessary) to replace our resource-hogging appliances and fixtures. Thanks for offering this suggestion, Lorraine.

  3. A painless way to save:

    When I get change, I hand the coins I don’t like, the ones that weigh down my wallet, (everything except the loonies and the quarters) to my husband. He sorts through them. The shiny ones go into a piggy bank. When we have enough of them, we take them to the bank and deposit them into a special high(er)* interest rate bank account that is far away and hard to access. This is our “savings” account.

    Also, he makes a point of transfering $100 a month to this account.

    *high interest is relative these days, but it’s a bit higher than in a regular bank account. Don’t want to do a commercial, but the bank’s logo is orange. πŸ™‚

    • You have the best icons E-VAH!

      I really like the idea of piggy-banking our pennies. Coins can add up quickly, can’t they? When I was a little girl, I squirreled away the coins I found on the sidewalk, under the couch cushions, etc. It was an early step toward independence.

  4. I think I know more people who got sick because of the flu shot than people that it actually helped.

    This year for Xmas presents, I’m using some of those points club points for presents to save money.

  5. Wow, I suppose I should take the kids in for shots then, and maybe consider it myself. I didn’t realize they were recommending it for school-aged kids. Thanks for the heads up.

    Surviving the financial downturn…Our lifestyle is already pretty frugal because we are a one-income family. But I guess I’d say cook from scratch more. It takes time, yes, but it can be a family event, too. We tend to talk a lot with each other as we’re cooking meals, and we rarely sit down to eat together. Kind of a funny reversal of things, but I guess that’s a modern media family.

    • You operate under such a busy schedule…no time-outs for sickness allowed. So yeah, please get those flu shots. πŸ™‚

      Family time gives back extra dividends, doesn’t it? I’m sure your kids will always remember your cooking adventures, even if they eat dinner by themeselves. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. I wondered why you posting all those sexually-laden lines, until I hit the end of the “love letter”. Thanks for the reminder.

    Tips for the financial crisis:

    Feel younger instantly by subsisting on Kraft Mac & Cheese and ramen noodles, just like when you were a college student!

    • It’s eye-catching/eye-popping, isn’t it? lol!

      Thanks for the tip! Truth is, I dunno that I could do mac & cheese and ramen noodles anymore. I prefer eating healthier fare; to me, it’s worth the extra expense.

  7. My budget-saving tip: plan your meals in advance, go to the store with a list of only what you need for those meals (and coupons, if you’re a clipper), and only go to the store once a week. This will save you from those impulse and “maybe I’ll need this, maybe I won’t” buys.

    This is also a good tip for dieters!

  8. Oh, that’s awful! πŸ™

    I got a flu shot this very afternoon. I’ve been doing that for several years now, and (knock wood) so far, I’ve escaped the annual cootie infestations.

    *prays she isn’t tempting the fates*

  9. Oh my, I fell out of my chair and broke a nail. Thought it was an arm didn’t you. HEHEHE. Will be getting my flu shot as well as the pneumonia shot.
    Now for my tip. Invest in lizard tails. Lula Belle pays good money for them. Road kill is a place where one can find good meat for supper. I’ll post the menu from the Road Kill Cafe before long.
    The Mrs. and I do clip coupons. Can save 10% at times but don’t buy something just because you have a “good” coupon. If you don’t use it, don’t buy it.

    • Good for you, PapaDan! You know firsthand how important good health is, don’t you?

      Lizard tails, huh? Who woulda thunk it? You may be on to something there…

      I save coupons, too, but only when the savings are significant. I’m not organized enough to file them correctly, nor do I enjoy sorting through lots of paperwork at the cash register. (I loathe grocery shopping, can you tell?)

  10. From erotica to the flu to the economy. All of these make us break out in a sweat.

    My economy tip: I’ve stopped shopping for “things” for now.
    I still need things to satiate my consumer appetite, so I’ve joined freecycle for my area. This has been great:
    a. keeps ‘things’ out of the landfill
    b. connects me with people near me who are paying down debts, have similar environmental goals and have stuff to get rid of
    c. also a chance to give things I don’t use anymore (there are many who can use the warm sweaters I’ve been schlepping around)
    d. also started bartering with some of these friends I’ve made through freecycle (one has two daughters who started jobs in DC – I gave them my professional gently worn clothes) – and they have a bookcase I can use

    My goal is to save my money, pay down debts, and keep things mellow while not feeling like I’m in stasis.

    Happy Fall to all of us, depsite the anxieties of the marketplace, the elections – there’s still falling leaves and creative ways to make it through until we really know what’s happening.

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