Mazel Tov!

I thought I might wait a few days for that Things You Hate meme to make the rounds on LJ. 

I thought that might give me time to compose myself–maybe allow me extra time to write a beautiful tribute, or at least a clever toast. 

But the good news is bubbling up inside of me, and I’m afraid if I don’t tell you now, I’m gonna BURST.

My oldest son, Steven is getting married! He and  his long-time girlfriend Tziphora (aka Krista) got engaged this weekend, right before Shabbat. The ceremony will be in Seattle, probably in December or January. No other details are available yet (believe me, I probed asked)…just that they’re both overflowing with love and happiness, as am I. 

P.S. Please don’t point my son toward this entry. He’d probably roll his eyes if he saw me getting all mushy about him in a public post. 

P.S.S. This more than makes up for the fact that, at a 4th of July party, no one raised an eyebrow when I said I had a 28-year-old son. Their Botoxed expressions might account for a few of the nonplussed looks, but sheesh, couldn’t someone have feigned surprise?


  1. My understanding of Botox is that it precludes feigning. Also, who knows what all that botulism loose in one’s head really does?

    Mazel tov to Stephen and Krista, and to you!!

  2. Humongous congratulations!

    OMG! You have a 28YO son?! You don’t look a day over 28 yourself! You must have been a child! (How was that?! BTW I think we are the same age. A few months ago, I got carded for buying beer at the grocery store… I almost burst out laughing! Kid was new and very green… he might have started crying if I made a scene!)

  3. Wonderful news, Melodye! There’s nothing better than a little more love in this world. Congrats to all!

    And no, you most definitely don’t look old enough for a son that age. My eyebrows are flying high right now….

  4. Well, if it makes you feel any better, when I first clicked on this I thought, “That’s Melodye’s husband? Wow, they both look younger than I thought!” 🙂

    Congrats to all of you!!

  5. Best wishes to your son and his fiancee! This is fabulous news, and it also brings you to my city… now I know you’ll probably want to spend every minute doing family stuff on this trip, but should you have an hour spare I’d LOVE to have coffee. 😀

  6. Congratulations!!! He’s adorable and you look very young, don’t you worry!

    BTW – DECEMBER? That’s a quick engagement! I’m completely overwhelmed by the idea of planning a wedding – we’re waiting until Feb. 2010.

    Yay for love!

  7. Love Means Never Having to Explain Your Nonplussed Faces

    I am so nonplussed that I am overplussed. I am superplussed. Ironically, I saw an episode of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM late tonight (“The Wire”) where Larry David says to his friend “Your news. I’m nonplussed. Am I using that right?” ;}

    But now hold on here Mama. YOUR SON is GORGEOUS And in LOVE and I can’t wait to get to know Krista via you. Long may they love and celebrate the beauty of life as one.

    I am jealous. I miss the honeymoon days of life! I want someone to think every single thing I do is adorable and perfect. {}

    Did you know of the impending engagement or were you taken by surprise?

    Please give both Steven and his beloved a hug from their new friend, Pamela. I share your joy and ecstasy. To see your little boy walk down the aisle… I can’t even imagine what that will feel like. Oh what a wonderful mother-in-law you will be. You radiate love. I suspect your son is just like his mommy. Look at that shayne punim in that photo. You are both soooo cute. I feel a need to squeeze your cheeks right now!

    Let’s do the horah and celebrate,

  8. Congratulations! what lovely wonderful news!

    Well poop on the people not at lease pretending to be surprised. LOL/

    Mine will be 29 next week. And I’ll be 50. It’s all a bunch of numbers. 🙂

    Much happiness and good wishes to the young couple.

  9. Well now young’an, congrats on your son finding the gal of his dreams. WE have some serious things to discuss. Are you sure he’s 28? Sure don’t look it and I say this because you sure don’t look like you could have a son that is 28. Must have gotten married when you were 3. Now fess up and tell us the truth. He’s nearly 18 and your 29. HEHEHEHE!!!!!!!
    Well I do send Texas size congratulations your way.

  10. Oh how wonderful!!! Hooray for the happy couple. And that picture is so sweet!

    I think they must not have feigned surprise because they thought you were simply out and out lying. They thought, it can’t be possible – you can’t have a baby at age 7, plain and simple. 🙂

  11. Party GIRL!!!

    She may be a little late to arrive, but she’s dancing for joy with you.


    (and are you sure he’s not your brother, instead of your son? You look fabulous)


  12. Melodye, that’s wonderful news!! What a beautiful photo of you two! Is he the one who surprised you with a Christmas tree?

    Congratulations to Steve and Tziphora!!!

    Didn’t you know that Mom’s have a right to be mushy … and there is no way you have a son that old!!

    I think Marybeth and I have the oldest children, J is 31 and my daughter, who divorced herself from the family after Gene died, will be 38 in two weeks…and my granddaughter, who I haven’t seen since 2003, will be 6, four days later.

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