Meet a New Friend

You can never have too many LJ friends in your life, especially when it’s someone like Sharon Maas. Look at that smile…doesn’t she look lovely? After talking with her, you’ll know her beauty’s not just skin-deep.

A very brief bio: Sharon was born in Guyana, lived in India and England, and now lives in Germany. She’s the author of three novels published by HarperCollins and has another one in the works. AND, she’s my new agency mate! (We’re both represented by Emily Saladino of Writers House.)

Please stop by and say hello to her and welcome her to our LJ community. Add her to your friends list while you’re at it; I’m sure she’ll happily add you back! Her user name is kibileri

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  1. Hi Melodye, thanks so much for introducing me… this is my first real venture into the blogsphere so it’s quite daunting! Hello, Melodye’s friends, I look forward to getting to know you!

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