Merry-go-rounds and happy endings

It was about a year ago that I first discovered the Endangered Species Carousel. I vowed right then and there that I’d return when the merry-go-round opened, and I’d sit atop that beautiful hummingbird for my inaugural ride…

We visited The Living Desert again last weekend, and I swan, my heart leaped when the carousel came into view.

There was a logjam near the hummingbird, so I headed in the opposite direction, with plans to circle back. Along the way, I admired the animals. I got sidetracked, snapped some photos.

You know what happened, don’t you?

By the time I got there, the hummingbird was taken.

My heart sank, but only for a moment.  I mean, c’mon, I was still riding the carousel, right? A simple matter of perspective.*

(I’m straddling a hyena, lol, in case you wanna know.)

‘Round and ’round we went–wheee!–while the caliope music played. And when the ride came to a stop, I circled back ’round to say goodbye to my carousel buddies.

I got all misty-eyed when I saw this rider, hugging that hummingbird goodbye.

More and more, I’ve come to believe that certain things are meant to be.

*Speaking of which: I like saying ‘merry-go-round’ better than ‘carousel.’ It sounds happier, somehow.

We also hiked in “my” oasis this past weekend. More about that tomorrow!  But since we’re talking ’bout happy endings, I’ll conclude with some hummingbird photos. Through some magic or a miracle, I somehow managed to capture them with my point-and-shoot Canon. 

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  1. Oh, yes: I’d have gotten misty-eyed too, seeing that embrace (I practically did just looking at the photo).

    And your tiny, living hummingbirds are beautiful too (of course).

  2. Hooray for happy endings, Melodye. That carousel is gorgeous and what you witnessed was absolute magic.

    Your hummingbird friends seem so very happy, too. I can’t stop looking at the one with the purple head. 🙂

    • I could feel the magic, even as I witnessed it with my (teary) eyes. It’s pretty clear she loves those tiny winged creatures as much as I do. 🙂

      P.S. The one with the purple head is a Black-chinned Hummingbird. Don’t ask me how he ended up with that name–I think they should’ve led with his strongest asset.

  3. An “Endangered Animals” carousel… what a great idea! The hummingbird is beautiful.

    I’ve often thought that a dinosaur carousel would be cool… but I have never seen (nor heard of) one. — PL

    • A dinosaur carousel would be fabulous. Annnddd…a TMNT merry-go-round would be tons of fun, too! 🙂

      I love the concept of an Endangered Animals Carousel. I just discovered that the L.A. Zoo has a “Conservation Carousel” that features the flora and fauna of California. I’ve added it to my List of Future Field Trips.

        • Melodye’s concept of a TMNT merry-go-round is intriguing… but I wonder how comfortable it would be, straddling a big turtle shell? Maybe the character could be crouched down so that you could be sitting on his shoulders… that might work! — PL

          • Okay, I didn’t realize who you actually were until your comment showed up in my inbox. And here I was initially wondering why Melodye had brought up the TMNT! ;

            Now that I’ve recovered (and my bodily functions are operating on a somewhat normal level again), I’d just like to say that your creations, sir, had an integral role in my life and in making me the person I am today. The inspiration they gave me helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life (adolescence…go figure, right?), and I can honestly say–all melodrama aside–that I would not be a writer today were it not for your work and that of Mr. Eastman.

            I’ll stop before I descend into weepy exaltations or melodramatic stories. But, truly, thank you.

            May I follow you on LJ?

        • I’ll bet you’re seeing lots of hummingbird action where you live. Do you put out feeders?

          And…YAY for Leonardo! I think we should put Peter to work on creating a prototype for a TMNT merry-go-round. 🙂

  4. Ooh! You get the fancy hummingbirds! Do you know what kind they are? Some of them might wander into Missouri, but I’ve only seen the ruby-throat (of course) and a little rufous hummingbird. I want to say the first one is a carosel hummingbird, though I might have been influenced by the pics that came before, lol.

    Your pics are so awesome.

    • 🙂 Thank you! I’m thrilled to have captured some decent pictures. LOL, it only took me a million-trillion tries.

      The CA desert is host to Allen’s Hummingbirds (shimmery green feathers) and Black-chinned Hummingbirds (with the purple hood). Flashy, aren’t they? Of course, the Carousel Hummingbird is a stand-out, too…

  5. Oh that hug is priceless! And what a gorgeous carousel. My daughter would love to see that too…really she always wanted to paint get a job painting the animals.

    Your hummingbird photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing them.

    • Oh yes, it’s a great time to refill your feeder. If they’re not hanging around your house right now, they’ll come around fairly soon.

      That Black-chinned hummingbird is breathtaking, isn’t he? LOVE that shimmery purple hood!

  6. Think I need a game tag to capture hummingbirds like that? 😉

    As to the camera itself…There’s nothing wrong with my point-and-shoot, per se, but I’d love to have more flexibility with regards to light and zooming. And I could use a few pointers on composition. (I know there are technical terms for all this, but hey, I’m a novice!)

  7. I was hoping that somehow, you would have gotten to take another ride, so that you could have ridden the hummingbird

    *hugs you back* So sweet of you to say that! But you know what? My heart was very full after riding the carousel, and then seeing the little girl hug that hummingbird’s neck. So while I wouldn’t have said no to another go-round, it would’ve gilded the lily, y’know? PLUS, it’s not too terribly far from my house, so I can always go back. 🙂

  8. I feel like I just commented to God.

    Seriously though, the ninja turtles had a huge part in shaping who I am. I’d say about 15% of my overall character has been influenced by what I experienced as a fan. I wouldn’t be a writer if it weren’t for them.

    I never thought I’d have the opportunity to tell one of the creators that they made such a difference in my life. What an incredible day!

    • Oh my gosh, I am over the moon with joy!!

      How often do we get the opportunity to express appreciation for the positive influences in our lives? Or to hear from someone in whose life you’ve made a difference?

      And to think that I had the privilege of bearing witness to this–here, on my humble little blog.

      *reverential pause*

      I am teary-eyed, but also? I’m grinning from ear to ear. 🙂

      • Aw, thank you so much for being a vehicle for that, Melodye! *big glompy hug* It’s a realization of a dream I thought had no hope.

        Just hope I didn’t scare the guy away…I mean, the TMNT were/are so huge a phenomenon, I’m sure he’s probably seen his share of scary stalker fans.

        • “Just hope I didn’t scare the guy away…I mean, the TMNT were/are so huge a phenomenon, I’m sure he’s probably seen his share of scary stalker fans.”

          In fact, over the years I have seen a few of that ilk… but none such here!

          By the way, I sent you an email, to a address I found on your blog. Is that a viable address? — PL

          • Yes, and I did receive it, sir! I’m very sorry; I got it at the very end of my computer session last night, after I’d written the comment. Just don’t want to be a bug if you want to be left alone, you know?

            I’ll send a reply before the night is over. Many thanks!

  9. Re: “swan”

    *basks in the heady fragrance of your compliment*

    Sometimes those Southernisms pop into my head unbidden…bygone friends from my childhood, come to play with me again. 🙂

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  36. […] (Random though it might seem, this blog entry was  inspired by a visit to “my” desert oasis this past weekend, where I reflected on next-steps for my memoir  and pondered Alan Alda’s quote. And of course,  long-time readers know already how fond I am of the Endangered Species Carousel.) […]

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