1. Oh just think of it like a new pair of shoes! You’re going to have to walk in them a wee bit to break ’em in and get to know ’em. You’ll be just fine because you’re smart and that’s just how you roll. 🙂

  2. I just barely got a cell phone–the most basic Tracfone on the market. So uh…can’t help you there.

    But my 2YO and 5YO are collapsing in giggles over your Calvin avatar!

  3. It’s a sad day when our phones can do so many things, but we can’t figure out what they are. (I am terrified by the very idea of a Smart Phone or iPhone for this reason.)

    • Hee! Love the icon.

      I remember being somewhat askeered of computers, too, when Microsoft first came out with Windows-based programs. But lol, it wasn’t long before I was teaching a combined computer-Freshman Comp class.

  4. I’ll leave the IPhones with all the bells and whistles to my son. I had trouble enough just setting up my cordless phone. I remember the days of rotary phones.. AND operators who knew who you were.

    • I don’t remember phone operators (beyond dialing an anonymous ‘O’). But I do have fun recollections of rotary phones. They’re selling for big $$ in the “antique” shops around here.

      (iSmart for me!)

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