1. That is just wonderful! I’ve been saying for years that classical music needs to expand beyond the concert halls, and it’s so good to see a musician like Gustavo being so passionate about bringing music to everyone.

    • ((Lorraine!!) I actually thought of you during the performance. You’re my favorite violinist, you know. 🙂

      I’ve been wishing the same thing for years, as have so many others. But it took someone like Gustavo to transform that vision into reality. Hurray for him, and hurray for music-lovers everywhere!

  2. You’ve got access to the MET Opera? Girl, that’s a haute date if ever there was one! I’ll bet you’ve already got the perfect wardrobe (shoes, clutch, and dress) to do it up right. 🙂

  3. Music feeds my soul, especially listening to it outside with the sound of nature joining in.

    I have always loved classical music, and was one of the first in this neck of the woods to listen to New Age music… yes, I’ll admit it, I like Yanni. I always used to have it playing softly in the background along with incense burning (usually sweet grass and/or white sage) when I wrote, but for the past year I haven’t done any of that and my writing/critiquing has suffered because of it. I need to get back in touch with the music and with nature… and not dwell so much on my son’s and my own medical issues.

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