My Office Space

A friend sent me this timely, hilarious reminder of how lucky I am to be my own boss, to have my own office space and supplies. But I’m a mingler by nature, so I also enjoy standing around the LiveJournal water cooler. It’s fun, isn’t it…sharing ideas, swapping smiles, and lending each other support? Just don’t ask to borrow my stapler.  J


    • Me, too! For anyone who’s ever been embroiled in office politics (and who hasn’t?), it’s the perfect satire.

      Thanks for the b’day wishes…I’m going to pretend you’re partying with me –easy to do when I’m looking at your avatar. Cute!

  1. Yeah…I’m gonna need you to come in on Saturday.

    I’m with you. The e-watercooler is the greatest. Though I’ve always been a fan of Deja Blue. Can we go ahead and make the switch?

    • Oh, I should have introduced it better, Pamela. No worries…the movie’s not depressing; in fact, it’s a cult-comedy classic! Written as wry satire, it’s really very funny. Rent it this weekend, if you want to laugh. Oh wait, it’s your Very Signficant Anniversary…maybe you’ll want to wait? Whatever, DO see it — then tell me when you have, OK?

      Here’s a Wiki reference to the movie:

      Again, I hope you and WriterRossMan enjoy your special day.

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