Myth Busting

Is it possible we’re reading Gen Y all wrong? This week’s L.A. Times suggests there’s more to “the MySpace Generation” than meets the eye. If you’re a YA writer or a parent of a teen, you can measure your expectations against reality by reading the articles and polls assembled here. Fascinating stuff!

Speaking of myth-busting … Last week, I bemoaned the fact that I’m moving through my manuscript at a stultifyingly slow pace, and said that I want to be MADE into a more confident, productive writer. Today, I want to thank everyone who offered encouragement and/or suggestions. I used your ideas and (drumroll) I had a very producting writing week. Seems I was mistaken about my inability to write faster while writing well. Best part: my critique group gave me extremely positive feedback! Naturally, I have some revising to do, but honestly, not much. And I’m feeling energized by the progress I’ve made. 

Finally, let’s all put to rest the notion that one person, one voice can’t make a difference in a democracy. I’m thisclose to realizing the goal of my Rosa Resolution. Along the way, I’ve often been asked, “What organization are you with?” Translation: Who’s funding your lobbying efforts? (Short answer: no one.) Turns out, money isn’t the only effective talker. Heh.


  1. yay!

    Congratulations on all of your recent successes! I’m glad that you’re making progress on the book, and that you’re getting good feedback while you work. Perhaps you’ve found some new elements to incorporate into your process. And DOUBLE yays on your success with the CA legislature! HURRAH!

    *going to check LA times article now…*

  2. Yay! I’m glad you had a great writing week. That’s the perfect way to stay motivated. 🙂

    I think the trick is to allow your thoughts to come out, knowing you can always edit it later. I try not to interfere too much, then edit everything I wrote the previous day before continuing with a WIP.

    • I’ve been working on incorporating that “trick.” It’s really hard, but it seems to work! I get a draft down, which feels good, and then I’m more encouraged to write more. 🙂

      • It’s so much easier to shape your manuscript once the foundation is finished.

        Sometimes I feel like I need a little extra help hushing up my internal editor. I’ve found that writing late at night, after she’s asleep, works really well (even though I usually need to go back and do some major editing the next morning). I know writers who say having a glass or two of wine helps, also.

        Oh – and after taking Libba Bray’s workshop, I know that my internal editor’s name is Miss Perfectionist. Does yours have a name? I also had to write down three things she says to me, and the one thing I wish I could say to her. Maybe if you try this exercise, you’ll gain a little more power over her. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Melodye,

    Sorry I couldn’t make PFL this week. My best friend’s girlfriend threw a birthday party for him at which he proposed to her. Yay! You up for emailing me the chapter or did you get all the critiques you need. 😉

    Those young adult articles and polls were interesting. Thanks.

    • Happy news for the lucky couple. How wonderful that you were there to see it all unfold. Great stuff — even if we had to miss you at PFL.

      May I email you the chapter after making the suggested revisions — sometime in the next couple of days? I appreciate the offer, Jonathan, as I always value (VERY HIGHLY) your critiques.

      More articles up at that link today. Enjoy!

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