1. Grave Adventures

    I love cemeteries (in daylight only, mind)and I know of two in California you might want to investigate, Ms. Drew. One is Oak Hills in San Jose. It doesn’t appear spooky in the least; broad, open landscape, huge ancient oak trees, well kept plots in even the oldest sections. What makes it a good visit is that it is the oldest official cemetery in California, and has graves for soldiers going all the way back to the Civil War. It also has members of the Donner Party buried there. So much history and friendly people willing to help you experience same.

    Another isn’t so much a single churchyard but several in Daly City. There was no cemetery in San Francisco (in fact, aside from one or two Catholic Churches with crypts on their property, I do not believe there are any to this day) so Daly City became Cemetery City. There are graves for people who worked the railroads, the building of Golden Gate Park, politicians and poor immigrants, victims of cholera, flu, and The Earthquake. Daly City is as close as one can get to the graveyards of New Orleans.

    As an aside, if you’d stayed on the Ortega Highway, you’d have ended up in my neighborhood, and I could have made you an amazing cup of Creamed Earl Grey.

    Thanks for the fun and informative tale.



    • Re: Grave Adventures

      It’s hard to find people willing to go exploring in a cemetery, but I love wandering among the tombstones, trying to figure out connections among their inhabitants…and most of all, their stories.

      I’m adding your suggestions to my must-see list! How far out Ortega, I wonder, would Nancy Drew’s Roadster have to travel. Because I hear that Earl Gray tea calling out to me. 😉

    • My husband, bless his heart, is perpetually waiting for my dust to settle. Which, of course, it never will. My friends have taken to calling him, “Oh He of the Permanently Raised Eyebrows.”

      I have a ginormous head, truth be told, which must be balanced by a hat with a big-ass brim. 🙂

  2. Ooh, this is so cool! I’ll have to show it to dh. I love a good cemetery. Better yet, one that is rumored to be haunted. Thanks for sharing!

    Oh, love those hats!

    • You should totally go, Kim. The pictures in no way do the experience justice. Take your son…that’s my suggestion. It’s a powerful way to experience history up close.

      The tea house has a wonderful collection of “crowns” from which their clients can choose. 🙂

  3. (I love how you’ve framed these photos!)

    And yes, yes, I do want to know more about that little lamb, and surely–surely–there is a story behind that slight golden chain on that cross!

    (And your remark to any passing cemetery officials is just the sort of thing I’m always tempted to write when I post about something approaching the murkier legal areas ^_^)

    • (Thanks! Photobucket has lots of cool features.)

      Absolutely, there are stories. If only those grave markers could talk.

      But I’m not talking, should any cemetery officials actually put the screws to me. I left no footprints, and I only took pictures. I was a good girl, Officer–godswear!

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