• Like a down comforter, isn’t it?

      My heart is smiling…It makes me so happy to know that you and yours are sharing this wonderful adventure with us. Thank you for telling me. xo

      • Yes indeed!! πŸ˜€
        We’ve been amused to find bits of Dan’s beard and wool from the sheep in barn swallow nests… but a hummer nest is a whole different order of cool. Great photos!

  1. Just don’t go outside wearing red. Heard the hummingbirds will attack red. It’s still to cold for the birds to even think about nesting and laying eggs.I have had mocking birds to hatch in one of our trees. The mom was very protective also. Just keep us posted and don’t wear red while on that ladder. :0)

    • LOL — I hadn’t thought of that, but I can see how red might be a little too provocative, all things considered. Ah, thank you, PapaDan, for that important bit of fashion advice! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh that is too cool! I found a hummingbird nest in my tangerine tree as well! And you’re right, those mama hummingbirds are tiny but ferocious!!! I didn’t realize the incubation period was 12-14 days. I can’t wait to see tiny hummingbird babies!!! I totally understand the near compulsion to just look and see every day!!!

  3. These are gorgeous pictures!!

    Some friends had a pair of mourning doves make a nest on their kitchen windowsill once, and it was fascinating to watch the progress every day.

    Enjoy your orange blossoms!

    • Oh, I love mourning doves. They are so romantic — I love seeing them cuddling up next to each other and cooing on our back fence. I’ve never seen their nests, though. That’d be a special treat.

      • They’re cool, actually. The mom and dad spend equal time sitting on the nest (two eggs at a time, although they can have more than one batch per season). They feed them on something called crop milk once they hatch until they’re old enough to eat regular food.

        I love the equal child care thing!

  4. I thought of you and your wee nest today while putting on this sparkly hummingbird pin my mother gave me. I can’t wait to see the bitty babies…12-14 days! Whoa nelly, that’s fast.

    Then again, they ARE hummingbirds. πŸ˜‰

    • You have a hummingbird pen? That’s really cool! I love jewelry pins*, but for some reason, I never seem able to pull it off. Where do you put your brooch, and does it distract you when you see it out of the corner of your eye?

      *Other than flag pins, which are talismans of something for which they weren’t originally intended (in my opinion, she hastens to add).

  5. Great photos Melodye! Their nests are amazing aren’t they? I agree about keeping your visits to a minimum, especially once the babies hatch. Have you thought about investing in a telephoto lens for your camera?

    • I’m glad you liked the pictures, Sharon.

      This photo was taken with a telephoto lens. Still, the nest is hidden in the high branches, so you have to get somewhat close.

      (Concerned friend that I am, I have to ask: Are you limiting the time you’re up and about?)

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