• Have you been there? Oh my goodness, it’s so beautiful! I’d love to see it for myself one day. I can see how it would have inspired David to write Psalms, and I can also see how it’d offer anyone the perfect place for quiet reflection.

    • I imagine it’s a lot like Israel, though I’ve never been there. Have you? But this seems close, in my mind’s eye, to what the Promised Land would have looked like. Although…I can’t imagine wandering through that desert for as long as the Israelites did. I’m a mountain stream or beachy kind of girl.

    • That boulder is a perfect spot for a picnic lunch, or just dangling your feet/hands in the cool spring water. So refreshing!!

      I wish you could have been there, but I’m so glad you stopped by to share the pictures.

    • Oh Susan, I so wish you could visit the oasis with me sometime! As much as you love beautiful plants and the symbolism of place, I think you would find meaning there, as I did.

    • I wish I could take you with me! I remember living in places where warm weather (and greenery) was in short supply. I couldn’t handle it for very long, but I admire people who can. *sending you orange blossoms and sunshine*

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