1. He’s got that innocent look purr-fected!

    So what does Toby want at that hour, besides to make you do his bidding? When His Highness wakes me in the middle of the night it’s (usually) because he wants to use the facilities and only I have the skill to open his door.

    • Toby’s like a little puppy in that he likes nothing better than following me around the house. Now, as you might well imagine, I’m pretty much flat (catching zzzz’s) at 3:30 a.m., which is why he wakes me up. Long story short, he wants me upright & mobile. 🙂

      Does His Highness allow you to go back to bed after he’s used the facilities? I hope so. This being sleep deprived is taking its toll.

  2. My naughty list – Jasper and Ruby. Jasper eats anything that’s not nailed down. And Ruby prefers munching on electrical cords, pajama cords, yarn, and anything else guaranteed to cause her to throw up.
    Toby is beautiful. I;m sure he’s a good boy most of the time.

    • Ooooh, they *are* naughty! I hope they don’t mind chomping on hard lumps of black stuff, ’cause I’m thinking Santa might be leaving coal in their stockings this year. There’s still time to make amends, of course, but they’ve got a lot of catching up to do, I think. Tsk! Tsk! 😉

      Toby is sweet and fun-loving, most of the time. He’s just being…exuberant.

    • Oh no! Bad, bad kitty! And here, I thought kitties loved warmth. Not that Neko’s made the connection, what with being a furry animal and all, but oy, I’m guessing that made your home a little less cozy for Christmas. (That’s not the sort of thing you can procrastinate on fixing, is it? Brr, especially not where you live!)

      Yep, Neko’s definitely on Santa’s Naughty List–along with Toby, Jasper and Ruby, and His Highness. Bad creatures, one and all, but ho! ho! ho! We love ’em anyway, don’t we?

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