Our brothers’ (and sisters’) keepers

Countless lives were forever affected by the cyclone that tore through Myanmar last week, the tornadoes that ripped through several states over the weekend, and the earthquake that rocked China just last night. Many of our own families and circle of friends are saddened by recent losses, as well. 

Tragedy has no boundaries, does it? But our capacity for compassion is also limitless. It’s comforting (and sometimes challenging) to remember that, especially during the dark hours of greatest need. If you can, please set aside a little time in your busy day to light a candle, send out prayers, or meditate on our brothers’ and sisters’ behalf.


  1. This is SOOOO shocking Melodye!!! Like you, I’m praying for those who’ve lost loved ones. WOW. None of us are immune to disasster, either. I h ope they can find as many as humanly possible in China. WOW.

    • The situations seem so dire, and even now, they appear to be getting worse in some of those spots. I think it’s important that we continue our positive thoughts and prayers. Thank you for adding your prayers. I think it’s a powerful thing when we pray as one voice.

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