March 9 is National Panic Day. Truth is, I wish it were today, not tomorrow, ‘cause I could use some panic in my life.
It’s not that I don’t have enough stimulation in my days (I definitely do), and I certainly don’t want bad fortune to rain down on me. It’s just that I’m craving the excitement that accompanies a positive but panic-inspiring, ohmygod moment. An example? Oh, I dunno…how about the thrill of getting “The Call”?
I do my best work when I’m under pressure: I’m an adrenaline junkie who gets a big rush out of rushing around. So while I’m working diligently on my book, I’m also waiting impatiently for word that a deal’s in the works. So I can start panicking. 

Raise your hand if you’re wishing, like me, that someone would hit your panic button.


    • Thanks for crossing your fingers for me!

      About pushing my own red button…hmmm…I’m not sure that would work. It’s kind of like trying to tickle yourself — even if you’re ticklish, you can’t make yourself laugh that way. I have a hard time putting myself into a panic; usually, it takes some kind of external, driving force (Absent a red button, a cattle prod work, too). LOL

    • Re: I’ve never seen…

      Don’t panic, LOL: I don’t actually have all this stuff in my head (or calendar). I just read a lot, with a wide-open filter. Still, thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy playing around with the ideas I come across!

  1. I knew they’d come up with a way to sell all those leftover red buttons. So now that it’s March 9th, is panic going to seize me when I hit “Post Comment”? Down the rabbit hole I go.

  2. Is it really panic day??
    I like to procrastinate as well as anyone – but I hate the whooshing sounds of deadlines as they fly by (or the dark shadow as they Loom, lol)
    I do need to stop blogging here and get to work now, LOL.

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