Parties and prizes, plus other Favorite Things

A. Donna, our Southern belle, selected the prize winner for our King Cake celebration.

 you got the baby

You know what that means…It’s your turn to host a party!  You also won another special prize: Choose any book being released in 2009 by an author on my LJ friends list, and I’ll pre-order it for you on Amazon. Please email your selection (and your address) to me at newport2newport AT gmail DOT com. 

B. I was tagged by Jen Garsee for the Name-Seven-Things-That-Make-You-Happy meme. Okay, I’ll play! Here, in random order, are a few of my favorite things:

1) Protest songs. Speaking truth to power is a wonderful act of bravery. And when it’s set to music? Extra goodness.

2) Gospel music. No offense, but I’m not talking about sedate music that’s projected on giant screens and sung by arena-sized congregations. I much prefer the bone-rattling, tambourine-shaking, soul-stirring music you’d find in old-time hymnals, as sung in back-roads churches.

3) Flower gardens (and less so, gardening).

4) Pictures of my family and friends.

5) Carbohydrates.

6. Surprises ("happies," as they say in the South).

7. Books. Enough said, right?


C. What makes you happy? Enquiring minds want to know…

Edited to add: If you have HBO, would you be willing to send me a recording of The Trials of Ted Haggard? I’m not a subscriber, but I’d sure like to see how the former evangelist is portrayed in this documentary.

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  1. It has been my mother’s greatest wish that I would adore gardening, and sadly, I do not.

    I think I might give it another try this spring, so we can spend some time together that doesn’t involve bickering.

    • Aw, thanks, Jen!!! Unload the trucks in a hurry, will ya? Carbs are exactly what I need. At least for now. I’ll regret it later, I’m sure, but the seratonin feels so good right now.

      I’m going to Palm Springs this weekend, so let’s have a phone date early next week, okay? Or as soon as you’ve got a “spare” moment…. I’ll save a few slizes of pizza and handfuls of M&Ms. 🙂


  2. Melodye, you’re so sweet. I’ve missed LJ and came around and love your entry. BTW: there’s a memoir about religion that I’m reading and it made me think of you: Leaving the Saints by Martha Beck. I don’t want to insult anyone who belongs to the Church of LDS by recommending this, but having relatives who belong to this church, I’m finding this quite compelling.

    I’ve missed you and I’ll catch up more with your entries and post this weekend.

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