Peek into the crystal ball before the ball drops on 2008

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! At long last, it’s time to close the book on 2007 and crack open the binding on a brand new year.


I believe we’re capable of (and responsible for) shaping our own destiny, if not the events around us, but I also think it’s fun to speculate about what might happen next. Astrologists, tarot card readers, Magic 8-balls, Bible dipping, and fortune cookies – out of curiosity, I’ve tried ’em all. Apparently, I’m in good company: Even the brightest minds are brave enough to make wild-card predictions, given a margin for error of +/- 100%.


It’s hard enough sometimes to create plotlines for our writing projects, much less make forecasts about what tomorrow might bring. That said, which characters, themes and scenery do you predict you’ll (re)discover in 2008? And what grand adventures will you write on the fresh pages of your life? In the comments section, unveil your safe and/or outrageous predictions for 2008.

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  1. Honestly? I’m afraid to predict, and even to hope. These revisions have really taken a lot out of me, and I’m all too aware that I’m doing them with no guarantee of a contract. I’ve had so many brushes with success over the past two years that I’m choosing just to live in the moment these days.

    Besides, Susan Miller has been so very wrong so many times. Lately I’ve been reading my horoscope and thinking, “yeah,right. Whatev.”

    I know that sounds negative, but I don’t really see it that way. I see it as surviving and being happy with what each day gives me, rather than waiting for something grand to happen. Of course I have goals and aspirations, but all I can do is take steps toward them each day. If those aspirations aren’t met, then at least I will have enjoyed the work.

  2. OOOO what a fun idea girl!

    I predict you will land an agent AND a contract for your book.

    I predict your house troubles will be over and forgotten.

    I predict we will get to meet, hug and talk face to face and I predict someone will invent calorie free chocolate that tastes good!

  3. In The Year 2008 (The Year of the Rat or in Bush Speak, We’ve had 8 Years of the Rat)

    Good morning from a remote location, Melodye. All is well, give or take a few attitude adjustments for four traveling teens in my company that prefer Anything Not Historical. Not going to happen where we are so nyah nyah to all that. {}

    I read horoscopes and fortune cookies for entertainment purposes only, unless the Pisces wisdom for the day is something I want to believe is true– and then I Believe, I Believe. {}

    But as for my personal seer-seeking for the year ahead: I hope I allow myself time to become a better writer, trusting my voice and style and letting the words flow. I must squash the self-censorship.

    I pray I follow my dreams and do all I can to make them come true. It’s more than dreams at this point. It’s my life. If I didn’t create, I may as well pack up my bags and stop breathing.

    I predict a chaotic and busy year as I plan my daughter’s May 2008 bat mitzvah. Duck if you see flying epithets and sweatballs. Prepare for Frantic Mothering ahead.

    I See The Future of Rock and Roll and its name is Bruce Springsteen.

    I don’t need a crystal ball to tell me our friendship and love are here to stay.

    Clinking glasses with you and holding you close as we kiss the year good bye and usher in Better Days ahead.

    Love to you my friend and wishing you only happy days to come,
    (calling in from DC and wishing healing to the world)

  4. safe or outrageous prediction?

    I will spend time with my mc, Faith, and hopefully write her story. I know some of what she has to say, but just the surface. She is hesitant to reveal her secrets. And until she will reveal her secrets, the story can not be told.

    • LOL on this one.

      I predict George Bush’s ratings will continue to spiral downward.

      I predict Melodye’s kitchen, when finished, will be so beee-yooo-teee-ful, we’ll all be drooling.

      I predict many, many book sales on LJ, and I predict friends will continue to cheer for one another and make me thankful for this place again and again.

      Happy new year!!!
      ♥ Lisa

    • But how long will it be before she finally goes completely over the edge and is featured on the cover of more… ahem… adult oriented magazines? I’ll put the over/under at June. 🙂

  5. * Ron Paul will get more votes than anyone imagined possible.

    * The Lakers will go deep into the playoffs and maybe even lose to the Celtics in the finals.

    * The U.S. will be hit by another monster hurricane.

    * Reality TV will finally die.

    * People will throw away their TVs and read books instead.

    * Parachute pants will return to style.

    * Housing costs will plummet so I can buy one.

    * Boys will start reading again.

    * J.K. Rowling will finish her next book.

    * A nuclear bomb will go off somewhere on the Earth.

    * Ethanol fuel will take off in popularity.

    * The first hydrogen-powered cars will be released for purchase/lease.


    * Pez will return to its rightful place of power!

  6. ~ You and I will both land book contracts (and other LJers too, of course)
    ~ You’re going to have the best home cooked meal in California when your renos are complete
    ~ It will snow in Mexico and be unseasonable warm in Saskatchewan (fingers crossed)
    ~ Jamie Lynn Spears will have twins
    ~ World War III will begin in North America due to boredom from the ongoing writer’s strike

  7. Let’s see… My predictions for ’08.. I predict that Melodye is going to land an agent and sell a book. I also predict that she will spend the latter half of the year hosting wonderful dinner parties where she cooks lavish and amazing meals in her brand-spankin’ new kitchen.

    I predict that the Republicans will try to steal another election, but the turnout will be so unfavorable toward them that the sheer number of voters will thwart that attempt.

    I predict that the Bush Administration will attempt to resist leaving office by using some of the backdoor plans they’ve put in place very quietly over these last 7 years.

    I predict that John Edwards will win the Democratic nomination and then the Presidency.

    I predict that we’ll see an upsurge in terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

    I predict that we’ll see one of the worst economic recessions that we’ve seen in a loooong time.

    I predict that gas prices will top $5/gallon.

    Wow, that was really grim. Okay, how about a couple of positive predictions of a more personal nature…

    I predict that I will graduate, with honors this year.

    I predict that I will win the Madison Fellowship that I’m gunning for.

    I predict that I will focus more on my writing after a long break from it.

    And I predict that I will work on and overcome some of those personal challenges, like not being able to enjoy any successes but beating myself up for every failure, that I have in front of me…

    Happy New Year, Melodye!

  8. Humm I don’t really do predictions but I know what I’d like to see …

    I predict that Melodye will soon hear that YES from NYC and her dream agent will land her a 6 figure book contract.

    I predict that a groundswell for the write-in ‘GO America’ ticket sweeps the nation resulting in Al Gore becoming President and Obama Vice President.

    I predict that because of the long writer’s strike more people will give up their TV’s and begin reading books.

    I predict that we finally wake up to the fact that being ‘green’ is not a dirty word, and solar and wind power becomes the norm.

    I’d like to predict world peace, but I’m afraid that it flies in the face of human nature as we are the only animal that destroys in the name of religion.

    As for me … I‘m still a firm believer in the Norman Vaughan school of life. His philosophy was simply to: ‘ Dream Big and Dare to Fail. ‘ I may never accomplish half of what I dream of doing, but that will not stop me from enjoying every minute of this roller coaster we call life! And that goes doubly for my writing life. Hopefully 2008 will see my writing continue to improve to the point where I can take that first step toward becoming the ‘Grandma Moses’ of Children’s Literature. If Anna could begin her career in her 70’s, I figure that I stand a darn good chance of selling more than a few books before I’m her age.

    Happy New Year Melodye!

  9. For 2008, I predict that …

    … shivery friendships will endure …

    … mirrors will still not show the same kind of truth that our writing does …

    … the baby boom of the stars/”stars” will continue …

    … hard work will produce results …

    … life will prove to be inspiring …

    … and my course will end with a bang.

    Happy New Year, Melodye!

  10. I predict that we will continue to learn if we keep our minds and hearts open to possibilities.
    I predict that tomorrow morning Tori and I and a treasured friend will meet to discuss and plan some grand adventures.
    I predict that Fred will continue to give intriguing non-sequiturish answers to questions posed of him.
    I predict that there will be an extra day in 2008.

    Happy New Year, Melodye!!!


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