Publishing opportunity

Announcing…a call for submissions! 

This new publishing opportunity is open to all you writers and illustrators out there, c/o Stampington & Company. An ab fab friend in my critique group (hi, Stace!) just happens to be the editor to whom your submissions should be sent. 


We’re currently seeking submissions for a one-of-a-kind publication for the modern reader that combines fabulous, all-original artwork with top-quality stories, poetry and memoir. This is a brand new market that will appeal to a general reading audience who want stories that catch the heart, poetry that speaks to the soul, and artwork that delights the eye. Please see the following submission details, and send e-mail to the editor at sdumoski AT stampington DOT com for additional information. 


We¹re seeking fiction and creative non-fiction stories that entertain and emotionally engage the reader, and poetry that is accessible to a wide audience. We have no limitations on genre as long as the work is of general interest. No reviews or criticism, please. 

Send e-mail submissions in standard format (double-spaced, 12 point font) as an RTF attachment to Mailed submissions can be sent care of Staci Dumoski, Stampington & Company, 22992 Mill Creek, Suite B, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653. Be sure to include SASE for a response. Please mark ³Somerset Reader Submission² on all submissions and indicate Fiction, Non-Fiction or Poetry in the subject line or on the envelope.  

Accepted prose pays on publication at a rate of $.02/word (rounded to the nearest 100) with a maximum of $100. Poetry pays a flat fee of $25 per poem.

Send complete manuscripts only: no queries. Reprints are OK, as long as you indicate prior publication in your cover letter. DEADLINE FOR PREMIER ISSUE: July 1, 2008


Artwork chosen to accompany published stories can be of any medium, even those not traditionally considered to be illustrative. We are willing to consider everything from drawing, painting, and photography to digital manipulations and artisan crafts (sculpture, fiber arts, dolls) so long as it is clearly an illustration of the story in question.

 Arstists seeking to contribute artwork to Somerset Reader should send a letter of interest to the editor at or Staci Dumoski, Stampington & Company, 22992 Mill Creek, Suite B, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653. Please include samples of your work or a link to an online portfolio.

Assignments will be made based on the strength of your samples and current editorial needs.

 NOTE: If you are a writer AND an artist and wish to provide our own illustrations, please indicate so along with your submission.

Please pass this on to other interested parties. 


  1. Hi sweetie {}
    Leave it to You to send up a post filled with love and literature and sharing and caring. I so need a Melodye Fix. If only you were here to take care of me. I should be strong and be able to heal myself, a la a doctor. But, alas, my doctor is on vacation (not golfing, the G. Bush Support the Troops Sacrifice) and right now I’m simply treading water, trying to survive.

    I couldn’t even write a story for your friend’s journal if I tried. Words? What are they? And books? Simpy dust collectors for now. Tis a pity.

    But I didn’t come here to be a Sad Sack. I came to tell you how much I miss you and how much I think of you, even when my fingers are no where near the keyboard, even when my kanoodling brain is spinning in space… I think of YOU. I must catch up with you and your life. I want to know everything. I want to be a part OF it. Again.

    Love love love,

    • It more than a pity if you’re wordless, Pamela. The world needs your poetry and your ideas. What can I do to help you put pen (or keyboard) to the page again?

      I think of you often, too, and thought more than once about nudging you. But I didn’t want to pester you while you were working on family matters. I thought you were taking an LJ hiatus to help your daughter through her bat mitzvah. Are you unwell? Please tell me you’re not — post haste! Or if you are ill, let me know what I can do. I’m worried about you…!

      You have my phone numbers, right?

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