Reading between the lines

You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test
                                                                               — George W. Bush

Some book ideas almost write and illustrate themselves.

“First Lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna Bush have agreed to write an, as yet untitled, children’s book for HarperCollins, it was announced today. The book centers around a mischievous little boy who has little interest in reading.”  


Memoir-ish, much?

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  1. I want to laugh but it’s too close to home.

    Those people ceased being funny a long, long time ago.

    I did, however, love your “memoir-ish, much?”

    You’re funny, they’re sociopaths.

    • I know just what you mean, Tracy. It was funny for a while, but the humor’s been eclipsed by the horrors that followed.

      Glad I made you laugh, at least a little, though. 🙂

      • Not recently, although my mother spent years and years as a volunteer and a trainer in the Laubach Literacy Program back in the day, so I might have retained a tidbit here or there.

        Also I’ve seen my daughter’s reading tests from school, and sometimes I can’t figure out the answers. One question was, “What was the author’s purpose in writing this article?” My answer would have been money. Wrong-O.

  2. ROTFL. Oh, man that’s a good quote. I think that’s one of the pictures where he’s holding the book upside down too.

    So sad. (For us, that is. Well, and pretty much everyone else in the world.)

    • Isn’t it? There are so many more where that one came from. And yes, you’re right…in the sequence of photos, there are upside-down books.

      You’re also right that this is so much more sad than funny.

      • Re: In a Land Very Very Near….

        So right, I forgot. My ignorance speaks volumes….of books read!

        When a reporter asked which was his “favorite Shakespeare” he changed the subject immediately.

        That’s our guy!

  3. I love George Bush quotes. I don’t think he’s as bad as everyone makes him out to be, but his quotes are doggon hilarious. He should talk more.

    Missed you at PFL.

  4. Oh my g-d. I read that same story on the AP wire and while it repulsed me, my mind did not make the connection to the, ahem ahem, inspiration for this little tale.

    That black board adage behind the Smush’s head– “Reading Makes a Country Great”– is just too damn painful to read knowing this photo was snapped on 9/11 WHILE the Smush KNEW the first plane had already hit the North Tower.

    We do have a great country. It will survive this disaster.

    I pray. {}

    • I pray the same prayer.

      How are YOU doing, Pamela? I haven’t heard from you for awhile and I’m hoping you’re having a great summer with your kids, and that you’re making great strides with your book.


  5. Ummm, well, honestly, after hearing that he doesn’t read newspapers, and has people telling him what’s going on, it wouldn’t surprise me that it’s because he has difficulty reading. Might explain a lot of things. Ahem.

  6. Hey Melodye! I tried to email you but for some reason I never saved your email addie. Sigh.

    I saw on a discussion board that Emily Saladino had left writers house/agenting– is this true? Are you going to be querying again or do you get “absorbed” by another agent??

    I hope all is well!!


  7. Yup that’s our fearless leader! Gag!

    Well at least they has plenty of first-hand knowledge from which to glean material.

    If it wasn’t so sad it’d almost be funny! This is a perfect example of the publishing industry caring more for the bottom line than for good literature. My question is who is going to buy the stupid thing? Maybe people will buy it and use it as fuel to stay warm with…or it can always be a substitute for the Sears Catalog in an outhouse 🙂

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