1. Oh, Melodye. This is a beautiful tribute to your sister and the love you shared. That impish little girl will always live in your heart, no matter what you choose to do with her painting.

    Love and hugs…

  2. lovely tribute to your sister and how wonderful that you have this picture to cherish.
    she’ll always remain in your heart because as long as we remember our loved ones, they’ve never really left us.

  3. I wish I could paint that well! It’s a nice effect considering all of the colors are flat, not mixed or blended. Maybe it’s because we just got back from a trip to the Maine coast, but I really like this scene.

    Judging by what I know of you from our online communications, Melodye, I’d say your sister picked just the right image to give to you. Those rose bushes remind me of the ones belonging to your neighbor that you described in a recent email, for example.

    “Paint by number” kits do have an unfortunate reputation, but I think it’s quite possible that the personality of the artist comes through even when filling in numbered spaces with numbered colors. There’s always room for variation in brush strokes, moving colors inside or outside the outlined spaces, choosing how thick the paint should be, and so on. Maybe your sister even played around with the colors, tweaking them here and there to suit her vision… or what she thought you’d like most.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your sister.

    I refuse to believe that the posted painting is a paint by number! I LOVE it. There is something so happy and friendly about the piece that I agree…a frame would somehow take away from it.

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