• I know you volunteered down in New Orleans, and I’m grateful that you did so. For those of us who can’t afford that kind of investment, political activism seems a reasonable alternative.

  1. Thanks!


    Thanks for posting this — that video is sooo moving!

    Can you imagine what could be done if they took the manpower and $ of one week that we’re spending for Iraq and use it for the entire Gulf region!

    • Re: Thanks!

      There are two powerful videos here: the first link, and the one you see when you click over to the online petition. Watching them was so painful — and important.

      ((THANK YOU)) for signing the petition. I hope you’ll consider passing along the information.

  2. I should have figured that you’d have something up about this today too. πŸ™‚

    I’m glad that you’re putting this issue out there for others to see. Well said, Miss Melodye.

    • I just jumped over to your page and saw you’d done the same. I’m so grateful for you and everyone who’s acted in support of Katrina victims by adding their names to the petition.

      • I was very happy to see that you’d put something up as well. I’m glad to see that so many around the blogosphere took it up. What’s been done (and not done) to the survivors is just unconscionable to me.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Melodye. How sad that there is still no affordable housing for those affected by hurricanes of two years ago!! I watched those tremendously moving videos and perused many of the whenthesaints.org links and wished I could do more to help …

  4. This is all so awful–I don’t think Canadians can sign that petition, can they? You probably can’t send it through without a zip code?

    I will send it to a few of my US friends though.

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