1. I love, love, love the Time Out Chair in your garden!!

    This year I plan on hitting garage sales and the dump(recycling center) for treasures. Marge the woman who comes in to do my legs is an old hippie like myself and found a perfectly good copper-bottomed Revere Ware fry pan at the dump, which I’m slowly bringing back to life with ketchup. I was all out of Bon Ami so I smeared the bottom of the pan with ketchup and set it aside for aabout 3 hours before washing it. The bottom was coated with a thick black crust, which is now almost entirely gone. I usually use ketchup to clean all of my copper pots and pans.

    • The chair’s adorable, isn’t it? I smile whenever I see it. 🙂

      I remember polishing up those copper pots & pans. Ugh. I’m guessing it’s more fun when it’s not a “have-to” kind of thing. I think Revere Ware lost its lustre when people realized it cooked unevenly. But they’re beautifully designed. I hope you’re able to bring it back to “good as new.”

      Can’t wait to see the new-to-you treasures you find!

    • Spring’s long overdue where you are. *sends sunshine-y thoughts your way*

      You’re a role model for me, when it comes to repurposing, L. I love what you’ve done in your house. Are you working on any DIY projects right now?

  2. I found a fabulous shelf at the thrift store for $2.00. I painted it a metallic spring green and it will hold three mini African Violets (each a different shade) that I found at the farmer’s market on saturday.
    And I found a train table for my toddler (for free!)

    • A free train table? Get out!!! You must have been beside yourself about that. And oooh, that shelf sounds covet-worthy, especially with the African violets on top. (I’ve heard they’re difficult to grow. Is that your experience? I’d love to have some, but not if they’re too fragile…)

    • Susan, you’re the queen of re-finishing, repurposing, reimagining things…I’ve long admired your talents in this area. Are you all setled into your home now? It’d be fun to see some before/after shots.:)

      This week’s out, unfortunately. I’ve got jury duty next week, but if you can handle a little uncertainty (we have to call in every day), we could schedule something then…? Let me know!

  3. Melodye, I thought of this post when Jeannine and I left our “gentle yoga” class at the local library last night. It’s held in the basement, and when we came up the stairs we saw three small wooden chairs — each slightly different sizes — which appeared to be from either a nursery school or kindergarten classroom. They were all for sale at only five dollars apiece. I almost convinced Jeannine to buy the smallest (and cutest) of the three. She demurred, but said that if they’re still there the following week, she’ll reconsider. — PL

    • Shhhh, I think you should sneak back to the library and bring it home as a sweet surprise. A “happy,” as they say in the South.

      One lesson I’ve learned the hard way: When something catches your eye/captures your heart, that’s the time to act. I wouldn’t want that tiny treasure to get snatched out from under me, no way. 🙂

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