• Thanks so much, Rose, for your vote of confidence! Beatrice has a remarkable story, but like so many, she never stepped up to the microphone to tell it. I will honor her memory, and her connections to my family, by giving voice to the things she so generously shared with me.

  1. I’m thankful that you found Beatrice in time to hear her part of your story and that she was willing to share. You have enjoyed favor throughout the process of piecing together the mosaic of your family’s history. I’m glad this teaser makes people want to hear more of your story; they will not be disappointed as they travel the twisting trail, alternately laughing, crying, guessing, smiling, dropping their jaws, and scratching their heads as the story plays out. Stay tuned, folks!

    • Favor, yes, and grace. I’m really touched by all you’ve said here. Wish it were back-cover copy! Seriously, it means the world to me, that you feel this way after reading my story… 🙂

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