• Thank you for stopping by. I can’t believe it happened so quickly, either. But I’m glad for the opportunity I had to meet her, and for everyone who’s bound to her in friendship.

  1. Melodye, thank you for creating this book for Lisa and for posting the pictures here. It was a wonderful way to show her how much she was loved. – Stephanie

    • Thanks, Stephanie! I’m glad that everyone wanted to contribute–and am awed by the beautiful expressions of love everyone submitted. Your illustration makes me smile everytime I see it! 🙂

    • The pictures themselves are wonderful, but it’s the sentiments behind the Book of Love that bring me to my knees. They speak to me of joy, of sadness…of dark times and a Light that’s never extinguished. And love. Lots and lots of love.

    • It took many days before I could come back to this entry, before I could respond to all these comments. It’s not mine to say “thank you,” as the handiwork & heart belong to all of us collectively, and not just to me. But if you’re still offering, I’ll take those hugs from you–anytime! xoxoxo

  2. Thanks, Melodye, for thinking of the book and for showing it to us. This is a very sad day but I think her memory will live on, in her writing and in this Book of Love.

    • That’s a beautiful sentiment, Meredith. Thank you. I’ve got no doubts that our individual & collective expressions of love are finding their way to those who need them.

    • Thank you. It took a long while before I could come back to respond to all these beautiful, heartfelt comments. But believe you me, I felt everyone’s love and compassion. I suspect that Lisa’s loved ones felt it, too.

    • You’re welcome. I’m glad so many people contributed! Love is an action verb, it’s said. I wanted to do something for Lisa, and this idea felt right from the very beginning.

  3. We should all be so lucky to be so lovingly remembered in our passing.

    Each of us deserves it. Better still, to be affectionately remembered while we are living. xo

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