1. Those are both great covers!

    I’m with ya on the writing and revisions front. Now that I am well(er) and my self-imposed over-the-weekend-work-moratorium has expired, I need to get crackin’ on revisions for my book. My “best effort” copy is due in my agent’s hands on November 15…excuse me while I go into cardiac arrest!

      • I’m near-ish the finish line. Maybe 75% πŸ™‚ It definitely needs a few weeks of concerted effort, but the bones are there. I’m trying not to freak too hard, but I find that the less I stress about revisions, the better they tend to go. The hard part is getting as close to my voice and my strengths as possible, which is tricky since it’s kind of scary to put myself out there! Oh well, quality problems, I suppose.

        • I’ve got the bones of my manuscript. This round of revisions is all about adding the flesh and sinew. (Ewww, did I just say that? It sounds so…ghoulish!)

          Trying hard not to stress about my own (self-imposed) deadline. It makes it SO much easier, just knowing I’m not alone. xo

        • I’ve got the bones of my manuscript. This round of revisions is all about adding the flesh and sinew. (Ewww, did I just say that? It sounds so…ghoulish!)

          Trying hard not to stress about my own (self-imposed) deadline. It makes it SO much easier, just knowing I’m not alone. xo

  2. Sue and I used to be a in crit group together, and I had the honor of reading her book a couple of times before it was published — it’s such a neat story, and she did a fantastic job with it!

    (And you know I love Lisa’s book too :D)

    • You were in the crit group with Sue while she was writing this book? Oh, you are one lucky girl! And I’m sure she felt fortunate to have your editorial support and friendship.

      Lisa’s book is fantastic!! We are so lucky here in LJ land, to be surrounded by so many talented writers.

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