Rollin’ right along

1) This  is the last day to enter my contest. As of this moment, your chances of winning are approximately 100%.

2)  I swear, I can probably earn a living as a divining rod. I discovered another water leak! More to the point, it found me. I was brushing my teeth, tra la la, when water started cascading from the cupboard under the bathroom sink. Diagnosis? Stress on the under-sink plumbing, caused by the re-piping project we did earlier this year. No worries, though: We didn’t incur any damages, and the plumber says it’s an easy fix.

3) Ever heard the Sunday school song, Gospel Chariot? It’s my theme song for this chapter, and the reason I chose this icon. The gas tank’s full, and the pavement’s dry…road trip, anyone?


  1. Ahh, looked liked I missed this one. I have been visiting with sarah_create that last few days. I have not been around LJ too much. Well not enough anyway.

    I hope you get a winner!

    • I’ve been feeling so jealous that you guys have been hanging out together. Well, not jealous, actually, ’cause that’s ugly. But still…wish I could have joined you!

      Come back again soon: I’ve missed you!!

  2. Sorry about the leak Melodye…but am glad to hear that it will be am easy fix!

    Have you ever tried to use a divining rod? My husband could do it with just an old tree branch. He found water for my Aunt’s well in South Reading

    • No I haven’t. I almost think I don’t need one. πŸ˜‰

      So cool that your husband knew how to work a divining rod! Wow, that must have been fun to watch! Like a miracle, almost.

  3. After seeing another leak, I wouldn’t blame you for beating your head against the wall. I’m glad there was no damage and that it’ll be an easy fix!!! Yay for that!!!

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