Sephora’s Got Game

Sephora, America’s favorite beauty emporium, has created a playful way to reward its fashion-savvy customers, while also teaching fashion violators a lesson or two. They just launched a limited release of their new board game, Monopoly: Sephora Edition, in which players Go to Jail for bad hair days, Advance to Go for getting a manicure, pay fines for a streaky self tan, and purchase products with Beauty Bucks. 

The rules are fairly simple. First, you select a stylish game piece (lipstick tube, mascara wand, compact and hair dryer, among them). As you wend your way around the board, you’ll want to buy — never rent! — as many properties as you can. Go after the ones named for coveted beauty products: think Stila in Gloss Gardens, Make Up For Ever on Lipstick Lane, NARS on Cheek Street, Murad at Cleanser Crossing, and Bliss on Lotion Avenue. Given a few lucky rolls of the dice and sufficient Beauty Bucks, you’ll be able to snap up glossy black Sephora bags, then upgrade to Sephora storefronts on your properties (houses and hotels are so last year). Along the way, you’ll collect your favorite beauty brands, stop for Beauty Bargains (Community Chest) and take an occasional Beauty Dare (Chance). The object of the game, of course, is to Own Everything, darlings: stock your Sephora store with the most beauty products and YOU WIN!  


C’mon, you know you want one. What better way to honor the spirit of the holiday season than buying a gift that reinforces our obsessions encourages interactive, educational fun? You’ll have to hurry, though, if you want to buy this for yourself someone on your holiday shopping list: the game’s only available through January 2007. 


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