• ((Thank you))

      Sad to say, you’re right about bullying being a hot issue these days. For that very reason, the anthology is an eclectic, wide-ranging mix of poetry, essays, and graphic (i.e. illustrated) stories. Some authors talk about bullying experiences they had when they were in grade school, while others speak to junior high/high school incidents. So as to your point: DEAR BULLY is suitable for a wide range of readers, and I truly hope it touches people’s hearts.

  1. Re: looking forward to reading

    Bullying’s a difficult subject to write and/or read about. But I’m guessing (hoping…) there’s a relatable story for everyone in this collection.

    Oh, and thank you! I’m honored (and humbled) by your willingness to read *my* contribution. xoxo

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    • I wholeheartedly agree. I’m glad it’s going to be available to kids who find themselves in the painful role of bully and/or bullied. Megan & Carrie (co-editors) were quite the visionaries. πŸ™‚

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