• I’ve noticed that we have fewer and fewer of them here,too. I wonder if what is killing all the bees is hitting the fireflies?

        Yes, it’s very sad as there is nothing like going outside on a warm summer evening at ‘witching hour'(midnight) and running barefoot across the lawn among the fireflies.

  1. I went to the University of Arizona and I remember specifically thinking how much I missed seeing fireflies. Hm, I guess I wasn’t looking in the right places.

    I’m so glad your research is going well!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I admire your willingness to face your memories and fact-check them for accuracy. Memories being so tied to emotions makes that a really brave thing.

      • I can only imagine…

        By following the progress of your memoir experiences has caused me to look back at some of my own demons memories that I’d rather not face. But to consider checking them out for accuracy really makes the prospect daunting.

        I have some relatively ‘minor’ memories that my siblings and parents have insisted happened other than the way I remember them. Having been so much younger at the time the incidents occurred I’ve felt the need to yield to their recollections as being more accurate than my own. There are some, however, that I can’t bare to hold up for scrutiny, because they are so emotional for me. I don’t know whether I could endure others remembering them differently.

        Thank YOU for exhibiting such courage. (I know ‘this one’ was a pleasant memory – but I also know you have faced and are facing others that are not.)

        • I look to outside sources for confirmation of specific details, but the memories themselves…they’re all mine.

          If I were to include everyone’s perspectives, I’d be telling a far different story, as each of us sees and remembers things through a unique lens. And while we can and do benefit from hearing one another’s viewpoints, I also feel strongly that each of us has the right (and the responsibility) to give voice to our own.

          The story of the Blind Men and the Elephant is a great metaphor for memoirists, don’t you think? xo

  3. Carl the bug man sounds like a cool guy. My DH loves fireflies, and luckily we have them here in NY, so he gets to see them in the summer.

    Have fun sluething Nancy Drew!

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