1. Well now I’ll just bet your sis will simply love the suprise. I know my sis has made some prints from old photos of my Dad and Mom. Nothing could take the place of them for any price. Now don’t fret about the project…. just finish it with much love.

    • You’re so right about old photos being precious. We have very few, and each one is a treasure. This picture of our beloved Nana (of whom we have only a handful of photos) has deep, sentimental value.

  2. Cannot wait to see what craft comes from your art. Or is that the other way around? {}

    I don’t think I know about this sister. Mei-Ling? Oh Mel. I am such a flub. Forgive me.

    Psst to Cathy: What will it take to gitcha to schpill dah beanz?!


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