Shout-outs for two storytellers

Today, a tribute to two special authors, if I may. Though their writing styles (and paths to publication) are very different, I admire them both and am honored to count them among my friends.

Kerry Madden is the author of the widely acclaimed Maggie Valley Trilogy and a variety of other works. I fell in love with Livy Two in GENTLE’S HOLLER and followed her all the way to JESSIE’S MOUNTAIN. Kerry’s most recent release, INTRODUCTION TO HARPER LEE, is bound for similar (read: huge) success. And if you haven’t read her heartwarming, provocative editorial pieces in the Los Angeles Times, you simply must. (Here’s a tasty sample.)


I met Kerry (aka Mountainmist) on LiveJournal a couple of years ago. She’s offered me nonstop support and inspiration as I write my own story, for which I’m forever grateful. And I cannot begin to say how thrilled I was to finally meet up with her in person at the Festival of Books last weekend! 

Jim Powers came to writing (and my critique group) after a lifetime of dramatic adventures. He served as a fighter pilot in WWII, completing 47 combat missions in Europe. One of his flyboy adventures was featured in a German-made movie, and the American version aired on the National Geographic channel last winter.

Jim’s worked long and hard to get his story on the page, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that BOLTS OF THUNDER was released into the world this week. That’s the author, smiling from the cockpit of the plane on its cover, and the dreamy-eyed beauty is his wife. Huzzah, Jim! I salute you.

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