Singing in the rain

How ironic, that the rains arrived in Southern California just as the dark clouds over my head are clearing.

First and foremost, I’m close to finishing the third (and final) chapter for my memoir proposal! On Monday, my chapter was a caddywampus quilt of ideas, barely stitched together. But I somehow managed to tune out the construction noise downstairs whilst I galumphed in my galoshes with my muse. My words are starting to sing now,* and it looks like I’m on track to meet my Jonowrimo goal (i.e. finish my memoir proposal by early October so I can start sending out submissions). 

And after a ten-week drought, we may actually have running water in our kitchen again on Monday!  I’m grateful to the new contractors for their conscientious work and open lines of communication. What a relief to know we’re in capable hands, finally.

What’s the weather like where you are? I hope it’s warm and sunny.

*Quick, finish this paragraph before the metaphor dissolves into a muddy mess!

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  1. Usually if we see rain this time of year, it triggers off the Santa anas. Woo, we shall see!

    I’m so glad about the kitchen! That’s got to be a relief. And a yip! about writing!

    • Maybe since the storms are coming in from Canada, they won’t stir up the devil winds? Let us pray. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, it’s much easier to write when I feel (more) confident about the contractors working in our kitchen.

  2. It’s warm and sunny here, but we desperately need rain. As it is, I think we won’t get our usual colorful fall leaves.

    But yay for running water and writing progress. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done!

    • I’ve got some muddy pages to run through one or more revision cycles, but I should be ready to send something to you early next week, ‘kay?

      We’re in desperate need of rain, too. Reminds me, someone said my father’s story reminded him of a 1930’s play (then movie) called The Rainmaker. I’m reading it now…

  3. Running water in the kitchen. Thank goodness for small miracles! I’m so excited for you to be able to sub this memoir. I seriously can not wait to get my copy.

    The weather here is sunny, but well, there was frost on my car window this morning.

    • It *is* a miracle, isn’t it? Running water will be a thing of beauty. I think I’ll drape myself over the faucet when it happens. πŸ™‚

      Frost on your car? Already?!? *shivers to think*

  4. I’m so glad things are looking up! You’ve had some serious frustration, and I’ve been thinking of you, Melodye — here’s to a quality job in your kitchen and accomplishing your goals!!

  5. You’re doing so well, Melodye! On target with your writing goal PLUS running water.

    Give yourself a pat on the back for pushing through the murk to get where you are right now!

  6. Melodye, your 3rd chapter was more than a caddywampus quilt of ideas, if I can announce that to LJ world. The version we read last night at PFL was a solid draft of what is becoming a moving final portion of your proposal. Write on!

  7. Well I’m glad you turned up music so I would know where to head. I’m sure those contractors heard “Hang’um HIgh” loud and clear along with you looking toward Texas. Got them real busy.
    Glad the writing is going well….. uh make that great. I can’t wait until I can get my hands on that book.
    Enjoy the rain, the new remodel, and winding down the book.

  8. YAY for running water! Being without makes you appreciate the little things one takes for granted, like power, and running water.

    Our weather is nuts – we’ve gone from 34 degrees in the morning to 58 and it is back up in the high 80’s during the days. This past week we have had pea soup in the mornings … it’s so foggy that I can’t even see the end of the driveway until around 9:00.

    The hills are beginning to color up with, yellow, gold and orange. I’m really hoping for a brilliant fall this year…the last two years have been very drab.

    Congratulations on your writing progress. You can do it Melodye!

    • “Little things…” Ha — they’re substantial quality of life issues, aren’t they?

      Mmm…pea soup…when I get my kitchen up and running again, that’s one of the first things I’m going to make.

      Thanks for sharing a little slice of your corner of the world. It sounds lovely.

      • Yumm!! Pea soup is one of my favorites. Do you use green or yellow peas? Whole or split? I love French Canadian Pea Soup, but I use split peas and no salt pork. I leave the salt pork for Salt Pork Gravy. Instead I throw in a couple of handfuls of shredded cabbage.

        When you are eating it instead of crackers have you ever used popcorn? The kids used to think that having popcorn sprinkled on top of their pea soup was extra special.

        • Er…I usually buy whatever blend comes in the package. I toss the spice packet, though. I like it best with bay leaves, garlic, and a ham bone from Honey Baked Ham.

          Cabbage sounds good. I’ll have to try that. Oh yeah, I also add carrots.

          Popcorn…now that’s another good idea. Hurry up, plumber, with that water.

    • ((LORRAINE)) — it’s reallygood to see you on LJ again. I’ve missed you!!

      Yay, indeed. I’m hoping that the contractor will follow through on his promise. I’ll keep mine, for sure. πŸ™‚

  9. I truthfully was a little disappointed in our rainfall. lol… I was hoping for wicked, wicked, wicked weather conditions all weekend long. *sigh*

    I am glad though, that the dark clouds over your head are clearing. Very glad, indeed.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your have running water again tomorrow!!!

      • We actually got enough rain to wash off my car, so that’s a good thing. lol… It actually rained pretty good on Friday night. Some thunder, some lightning, so I was a happy lad. I was sad to see the skies clear on Saturday. We did get some rain about noonish when I was out driving, but after that it was sporadically cloudy. Loved the rain while we had it though!!!

        *fingers crossed* I hope the water is a-flowin’ today!!!

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