Smitten by a kitten

Meet the newest member of our family! We adopted this little guy from the Irvine Animal Shelter a few short days ago, but he’s already left giant-sized pawprints on our hearts. 

Like most kitties, he’s active…until he’s not. daytime activities include eating, nuzzling into our shoulders, pestering his feline sister, and crashing on the couch.

He doesn’t yet have a name, poor thing, but we’re working on it! So far, I’m leaning toward Sukha, a Sanskrit word that means ( loosely translated) "sweet, joyful, comfortable." In a word: bliss.

Even Le Chat Lunatique seems to like him. At first she hissed, growled and sulked–clearly perturbed by the brazen fluff ball that kept invading her territory. He ate from her food dish, pounced on her tail, and stalked her every move, purring all the while. But they’ve worked out some kind of peace accord, so whew, kitty crises averted! 

I will always love Zoë, but this tiny bundle of energy has somehow managed to fill the hollow spaces left behind in Le Chat Genteel’s absence. "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." So it was promised; witness the evidence.

P.S. My internet connection is very spotty, which is why I’ve not been responding to your blog entries of late. Gah, I’ve been missing our LJ give-and-take! I actually co-opted a friend’s computer to post this, because I couldn’t hold onto this wonderful news any longer. If all goes well, the problem should be resolved later today. I hope so, ’cause I can’t wait to re-connect with all of you…

    • Thank you for your kind words, Dot. I am awed — and so grateful for — the outpouring of loving sympathy I received from my LJ friends. It was a difficult loss, but this kitty helps heal the hurts. xo

    • Thanks, Roni! Wouldn’t it be fun if kitties stayed tiny and uber-energetic? I love cats when they get older, but there’s something so squeezable-cute about kittens.

    • He melts my heart. 🙂

      I’m not sure my husband’s sold on that name, but I sure am. Ah well, cats get 3 names, according to T.S. Eliot, so maybe that could be his unofficial moniker. 🙂

  1. So adorable. Makes me almost miss having a cat. If I could only handle the dang litter box issue. I’m glad you have a new kitty to help fill a bit of that hole in your heart.

    • Litter Box Issues

      They have electric cat boxes that rake all the old stuff out after every use. It wouldn’t work in my case, as I have too many cats… one goes in as another heads out.

      Litter Boxes And More

    • Thank you, Lorraine. He’s a wonderfully playful (but gentle) kitty. He’s wriggled himself into our laps and hearts.

      He’s a bitty kitty now, but I’m guessing from the size of his paws (and also the fact that he’s got a bit of Maine Coon in him) that he’s gonna be a pretty good-sized cat.

  2. She’s so sweet in all her skinny, leggy goodness. Zoe would appreciate that your love for Zoe has prompted you to bring another adoptee into your life

    • I love the gangly legs! 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words about Zoe. It’s true that she was a special cat, but it’s equally true that this bitty kitty is something special. I’m grateful for the capacity to love them both.

  3. Zoe knew exactly what you needed and lead you to this cute kitty to fill a void. Enjoy this one as much as you did Zoe because Zoe brought you two together.

  4. Oh he’s adorable!

    I’m sorry about your loss. I just read about. *hugs* It’s so hard to lose a pet, especially when they’re such an integral part of the family.

    • I appreciate your kind words and hugs! Zoe was such a special friend of mine, and I feel her loss even now. But love begets love, and we’re ready to open our hearts to this new kitty.

    • Kitties are a whole lot of company, aren’t they? I love their awkward antics. Plus, they’re so irresistibly cute.

      Carbon Monoxide, eh? LOL, Sharon…I have to say, you come up with the most unusual kitty names. Love your creativity! 🙂

      • Cat Creativity

        I have had 99 cats in my life so far and not a Boots or Fluffy among them. Vanilla and Mittens were as close as I’ve come to regular cat names.

        I’ve used everything from motorcycles (my husband raced motocross) to toilet paper, and from drinks to cities. Check out two of my old blogs of 1-14-2006 Hope I can get this link to work. Scroll down for the second blog, Cat Names.

        My CATalog

  5. So beautiful! I came very close to bringing home a rescue tabby the other day, but honestly, without a basement, that cat box is a problem. But I was soooo tempted.

    • As I mentioned to Susan, those litter boxes can certainly be an issue. You really have to stay on top of things (so to speak). But bitty kitties are so much fun. Tradeoffs….

      • After 17 years I understood why some people just let their cats just go outside. But I could never do that. I almost HIT someone’s cat driving home from work last night!!! Missed the poor thing by inches (and scared the crap out me, too)

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