So, how’s that novel you’ve been workin’ on?

This Family Guy clip will ring familiar to all you writers out there. Enjoy!



    We love family guy in this house. In fact, we have a stewie doll who says “You will rue this day. Well what are you waiting for? Go ahead, start ruing!”


      • Novel, memoir, same diff. Whoa! who just thumped me on the back of the head?

        Seriously, what is the difference? What is the definition of a novel? Wouldn’t a memoir fall under the category of Novel?

        Hey, wait… I’m onto you. You’re just trying to avoid the “How’s it going?” question. Nice try. You almost had me.

  2. LOL… Brian’s self control is something I envy. No comments, no excuses, no retorts, just that final sharp WHACK! up the side of Stewie’s head.

    I’m still giggling.

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