Sometimes less is more

Anyone wanna guess which of these two topics will generate more buzz around the watercooler today?

-Last night, Britney Spears shocked VMA Award audience members with her bejeweled but lackluster performance of “Gimme More.” 
-This morning, General David Petraus appeared before Congress to testify about our military presence in the Middle East. As expected, he asked legislators to “Gimme More (Time in Iraq).”

High-stakes appearances, both of them, each in its own way. But which one will get top billing?  

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  1. HA.

    I think Britney is part of the White House PR machine, installed to distract from all the horrifying realities of the world The Bushies have created. Same goes for the Larry Craig saga; his resignation then maybe not resignation then resignation then again, maybe not, has the whole country saying “Alberto who?!” I mean, the DoJ is pure partisan rot aimed to steal the vote in 2008 yet no one’s talking about that anymore. The White House is putting the pressure on Craig to take the pressure off them.

    It’s enough to make a person thump her head against the desk.

      • I’m sorry to say that it took my mate to point out the whole Craig thing. I was so caught up in feeling bad for someone so tortured by his own sexuality that I missed the bigger picture. (Even though I loathe his voting record and hypocrisy, I couldn’t help but feel his pain).

        I do understand, however, how our corporate media feeds us all this mindless stuff 24/7 to keep us from noticing the ever-growing gap between the haves and have-nots in this country. And with the outrage-per-week of this administration, the media are dangling lots mindless crap in front of us.

        • I think the fact that Craig has to hide his sexuality and disguise it with a very self-loathing voting record and support of very homophobic ideals in the Republican party. It’s very sad. Nobody should have to live that way. And sadly, that sort of hypocrisy seems to be a staple of today’s Republican party.

          The media is simply a joke. I’ve often heard it referred to as “info-tainment.” And it is. They are there to entertain rather than inform. Gone are the likes of Edward Murrow who actually gave a damn to give us the truth. The state of our media is pathetic.

  2. Thanks for the links — Britney looked like a skinny version of Anna Nicole Smith – while she was trying to imitate her idol = Madonna.

    I guess that will be Patreus’ song — because ‘shrub’ won’t repeat his father’s words = “Stay the course.”

  3. I thought the whole performance was sad, not shocking. She’s trying so hard to copy Madonna but while her idol still has some class, Britney doesn’t. I didn’t like the comments about her kids though. That was really out of line.

  4. I think it depends on the outlet. On YAHOO, Brittany got top billing. But our local newspaper had the sad results of a missing woman ( 10 days gone, found at the bottom of a 200 foot cliff ) AND Gen David Petraus. So there you go…

  5. I would love to take a poll of our fellow countrymen just to see who actually knows who General David Betray-Us is and what his function is. I would be willing to guess the number who got that correct would be far, far, far less than the number of people that could identify Britney Spears.

    Arrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh… Seriously, people need to wake the hell up to what’s going on in this country. This freaking dog and pony show that is the Petraeus testimony is making me utterly insane.

    I’ve heard a bit of the media coverage and let me just say, what I’ve heard so far is exactly what the Bush propaganda machine wants the media to get out there in the public’s ear. Violence is down… the surge is working… we need to keep the troops there to finish the job because we’re making some real progress… all fiction and fantasy. There are a lot of people in this country not willing to pull their heads out and see that the raw data does not match the pturid crap flying out of the mouths of the Bush/Cheney cabal.

    Maddening, it is.

  6. The question is not who believes General Petraus has to say. Those that believe in Bush and the war will believe what Petraus has to say. Those that are on the other side of the issue will not believe a word he has to say.
    Now Britney sure knows how to stir the pot. I thought she was concerned about her children but she has proved once again she doesn’t deserve to have them.

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