1. I own a Christmas Sweater.

    And I want to see a picture of it this Christmas!

    Call me quirky, but I get very uneasy when my back’s to the door.

    I just like to be near doors. At all times. Now more so than ever.

    I excelled in Vacation Bible School.

    I taught it once. Do you believe they trusted me with toddlers?

    We took my in-laws on our honeymoon to Paris.

    Now THAT was sweet!

    I love hymnals

    Me too. And I sure wish they’d go back to the traditional hymns at church, even if they do stretch your vocal chords beyond any humanly-possible range. I do love the smell, too. There is nothing like it, no book in the world that smells like a hymnal.

    • I’ve got a few months to think about it, but maybe, just maybe, I’ll surprise you with that picture. (Hey, we should have a holiday fashion show!)

      I’m thinking your #2 comes of similar things as my #2…

  2. Love your list! 🙂 I own a Christmas sweater, too. It comes with a pouch to insert a AA battery so that the lights that bedeck the reindeer on the front twinkle. lol. Yes, it’s tacky, but hey, it’s Christmas, when tacky is totally allowed.

    I think it was lovely and awesomely thoughtful to take your elderly in-laws with you on your honeymoon. Such a good heart!

    • AA batteries are a holiday necessity! (Now I’m thinking we’ve GOT to have a holiday fashion show on LJ!)

      I’ve never regretted that experience, not even for a teensy tiny minute. We’ll always have those memories, as will they.

    • Why thank you!

      Another topic: I’m so glad we met one another–and at PJ’s Abbey, one of my favorite OC spots! They’re turning the business over to a Mexican chain restaurant at the end of next week, and while the food’s probably going to be delicious to some, I liked the menu as it was. We went back for one last visit on Saturday, so sad…all the decor was stripped from the walls, and the waitstaff seemed despondent. I sure hope the Orange Historical District requires the new owners to keep the character of the building intact…

    • It’s so weird, Susan: I enjoy — and benefit from — all that technology offers us. But (and you call me a fuddy duddy for saying this, if’n you wanna) I think some things should be more sensory than high-tech allows, hymnals among them.

  3. Coming to Europe?
    Love to see you (and meet your husband) if you pass by/through Frankfurt.
    Do let me know if you come to Germany. I’d love to help out with your travels.

    • It’d be SO much fun to meet up with you and your family! But *sigh* we’re not visiting Germany on this trip. Still, I appreciate your offer so, so much…and I’d love to shepherd you around OC, should you ever come this way.

      • I look forward to when we meet in person.
        Funny things happen–the way paths cross, so one of these years we’ll meet.

        I want to get to OC–maybe one of these years. (Is the summer SCBWI in that area?) I don’t anticipate getting to that area for a few years– because of our schedule and transfers between countries next summer. 2013 is a possibility, or it might not be until 2014. Or ??

        Oh–question. Are there any writer conferences there in the winter, like in January or February? If there are, I might make a special trip.

        • The summer SCBWI conference is in LA, about 90 minutes north of here. Definitely workable, and I’d love to meet up with you there. I do believe there are lots of other conferences in the area, as well, but I don’t have their schedules handy. Time to employ Teh Google? *g* Consider expanding your search to San Diego and nearby communities. Oh, and maybe you’d enjoy a conference that spans additional genres (but that also includes kidlit/YA)?

          I’m with you–I believe our paths will intersect at some point, and that it’ll be a lovely experience, whenever/wherever it happens.

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