1) Last Sunday, I meandered toward the gym entrance at the same time a twenty-something man was leaving. As he exited one door, I swished through the other, absent-mindedly adjusting the volume on my MP3. But when I glanced over at him, two tattoos body-slammed my reverie to the floor. In enormous gothic lettering, he’d tatted “INFIDEL” down the outside of his calf, and a knee-to-ankle cross covered the back of his leg. What possessed him, I wondered.

2) After 35 minutes of aerobic hell Precor intervals, I picked up the newest calendar of class offerings. A double-dog-dare-ya leapt off the page: Strip Tease (for women only). I think I’m going to embarrass myself try it on for size.

3) I won a signed copy of Tracie Zimmer’s 42 MILES! Tracie asked entrants to “Email a picture within 42 Miles of your current location which makes me want to visit…” I submitted a picture of one of my favorite picnic spots in Corona del Mar (next to Newport). Check it out

) I’m looking forward to the Los Angeles Times’ annual Festival of Books this coming Sunday. Tickets are free but limited, so after obsessing about the possibilities serious consideration, I chose four panels: 
Memoir: Hope & Challenges (Sara Davidson, Mike Farrell, Dinah Lenney & Amy Silverstein); Young Adult Writing: Not Just For Kids (Jay Asher, Robin Benway, Cecil Castellucci & Michele Serros); Julie Andrews (discussing her new memoir); and Agents’ Voices (Betsy Amster, Georges Borchardt, Sandra Dijkstra & Bonnie Nadell). Natch, I’ll share my notes.

5) I’ve been tagged and nudged by several people about the latest meme; please forgive me for being late to the party. By now, everyone has probably moved on, so I’ll switch off the lights before I leave the room.

The meme: Grab the nearest book, open to page 123, find the fifth sentence. Then post the next three sentences.

From TOO CLOSE TO THE FALLS, by Catherine Gildiner: “My fingers were tired and blistered by the time we finished snipping the entire wardrobe from the large paper sheets. I thought then maybe the fun would begin I had a desire to be sane and if playing Lennon Sisters paper dolls was the ticket, I was willing to pay my admission.”

Although I’d love to linger awhile on LJ, I’m writing against a tight deadline. I hope you’re doing well! [Edited to add] In honor of Earth Day (also my mother’s birthday; how could I forget?), let’s all do something nice for Mother Nature. 
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  1. I’m still stuck on your shocking tattoo-moment. Personally, I shy away from the idea of inking words onto one’s person. Unless you find The Most Meaningful Word(s). So if “infidel” is his most meaningful word, he’s got bigger problems than poor choices in body art! ;P

  2. After your strip Tease class, you can look at your hubby as he sings” All Shook Up”.
    They don’t offer that class at the gym I go to, even for the females only. If they did, I just might enroll the mrs. for the class duration. Sigh, just wishful thinking. lol
    Got to get back in the gym but have to limit some of the exercises as I have a torn rotater cup. Sure can hurt the left shoulder.
    I have seen some of those sweet little, thin, hotties in their tight shorts and a long pony tail working out just for the young jocks at the gym. It seems as if they don’t sweat regardless of the amount of exercise they do. It gives us old foggies an increased heart rate.lol
    OK now back to the books and get to writing.

  3. Congratulations on winning 42 MILES, your photograph looked wonderful!

    OMG, a strip tease class …go for it! It sounds like it would be a lot of fun and would have side benefits for hubby 🙂

    Have fun at the festival …the classes sound terrific!

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