Thankful Thursday

A feeble old man shuffles down our street, pulled along by an impatient puppy. Somehow, he musters the strength necessary to yank the exuberant dog into a heel. He’s stopping to smell the roses. My roses.


I’m grateful that he’s offered me this parable.


  1. 57 Channels and Nothing’s On

    It’s amazing that with the overload of gadgets and gizmos and media outlets this world has to offer, what gave this harried man pause was the free gift of natural beauty. Thank you for giving it to him– and to us.


    • Re: 57 Channels and Nothing’s On

      Perfect Springsteen selection, as always. 🙂

      I love that he offered me a refresher course for an important life lesson. Thanks for visiting his classroom with me, Pamela. xo

  2. Oh what a blessing.

    And just think, if he hadn’t of had that dog to get out and walk he might have just stayed in his home and missed your roses completely! 🙂

    • Yes. Even when our shoulders ache and we can’t lift the violin (sniff), there’s always something positive we can focus on. I see that philosophy in your words, Lorraine. xo

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