• Yay is right, and thanks for joining my celebration! I’m loving the way a clean office feels…so much more enjoyable to work in, and ha! much more efficient, who knew? =:)

  1. Toby! I missed this announcement but have to say I love the name. And maybe this is a sign from the universe on how to proceed with my conference ms critique since one of the books is narrated by Toby. Hmm.

    Congrats on the de-cluttering. I’m long overdue on that count. We talked about putting out jelly for the orioles, too, but didn’t get around to it. I’m glad you’re getting visitors. And I love that silhouette!

    Have a wonderful visit with your sister and niece.

    • I looked for ephemoral, unusual names, but none seemed a perfct fit. But Toby…we kept coming back to that name. It suits him, I’d say.

      I have yet to declutter the closet, but the rest of my space is clean and organized, and oh what a difference that makes! It FEELS more productive and peaceful, you know? The challenge, of course, lies in keeping the piles and stacks from returning.

      Did you decide on the Toby ms.? I was sending out good vibes to you this weekend, in hopes that you found the right path, and that you were enjoying the journey. It’s a challenging next set of steps you’re taking, but if anyone can do it, ’tis you! xo

      • I actually went with another ms but I feel good about the decision. It was just funny reading “Toby” here when I was deep in contemplation. I’m glad your Toby is a good fit.

    • Still to tackle: the office closet. I consider the office “done” because most of my workspace is clear and organized, but you know how it goes…out of sight, out of mind. It won’t take long to organize those boxes, though. They just need a little sorting and re-stacking.

      How’s YOUR project coming? I’m cheering you on…

  2. I didn’t know that about orioles! My mom loooooves birds and has two different bird feeders and a hummingbird feeder at her house on Cape Cod. I know she’s said that orioles make the rare appearance in her backyard — maybe if I share your little secret, the appearances will become less rare!

    (and for the record, I think the silhouette shot is cool)

    • Oooh, a bird haven in Cape Cod: sounds like a sanctuary for the soul! 🙂

      And thanks for being sweet about my amateur photography. I’m no expert, but it’s so much more fun to “show” than tell. 🙂

  3. Cats crack me up. I totally agree with James Herriot. Whenever there were questions with a quilt I was making (color choices, pattern,) I would lay it on the floor and ask my cat. If she liked it, she would lie down on it and smile. If she didn’t, she would simply stare at me, then turn and walk away. Toughest editor ever!

    Looking forward to seeing the big reveals 🙂

    p.s Love the oriole feeder!

  4. I love the picture of you and your sibling, and going back to the entry about her last visit, my WG wishes to reassure yours that high teas define gentlemen, as well. In fact, he and I have two teas scheduled in the next week, and we’ll lift a delicate china cup in your honor.



  5. Is that you holding the younger sister, or are you the younger sister being held?

    Orioles are *lovely* birds. I had one fly close by me once, and it was so uplifting and wonderful that I thought that church windows should represent the Holy Spirit as an oriole rather than a dove (not to cast aspersions on doves, but the oriole was just so *golden*).

    • That’s me holding my youngest sister. She’s 7 1/2 years younger than I am. 🙂

      I love what you’ve said here about orioles. They *do* seem to carry with them a special aura! I’ll be thinking about what you’ve said everytime they visit our backyard feeder, which is often. Thank you.

    • Ha! Toby *is* a happy kitty. My sister says he won the kitty lottery when he came home from the shelter with us. But you know what? We’re the ones who feel lucky. He’s a joyful addition to our family.

  6. Re: “and while I don’t want to wish the day away”

    Thank you so much. We had a spectacular weekend. I’m sad that they’re going home today, but I’ve tucked away a ton of happy memories in my heart. 🙂

    PS A certain book made its way to the top of my to-be-read pile–finally! I’m *very* happy about that, and am grateful to you for the introduction.

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