Thankful Thursday: inarguable strengths

My childhood wasn’t easy, but I somehow managed to find roses among the thorns. I’m thankful that my life experiences, good and bad, taught me to think and to speak for myself. Along with all the lacy things in my repertoire, I’ve amassed an awesome collection of Big Girl Panties.

Much has been been said about women who allow themselves to be cosseted and pampered and spoon-fed, and who allow surrogates to make excuses for their sub-par performances. And perhaps too much attention has been paid to those who consider style a credible substitute for substance. 

On Thankful Thursday, I am grateful for the countless women who know their power and worth, and who are unafraid to use their own voices. They serve as role models for the rest of us. Today and every day, I salute those of you who know what it means to put on your Big Girl Panties and deal. 

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  1. Whoo!! Now THERE’S a post for a Thursday morning. 🙂 Well said!

    Speaking of mornings, would you lilke to get together next week or the following week? I can meet this coming Monday if you’d like, or perhaps next Thursday? I’ll need to bring Sophie, but I’d love to see you!!

  2. How is it possible?? We are on the same wave length. I have been talking about people putting on their big-girl-pants (and big-boy-pants) lately.
    I don’t know how that phrase snuck into my brain, but lately it has applied to so many situations.

    So yes, Melodye! Time to put on our big girl pants!

    • YAY! We’re on the same wavelength more often that not. I’m lucky that way. And you’re so right…this analogy works in so many situations, especially of late.

      I’m wearing my Big Girl Panties again today — the ones with TGIF embroidered on the waistband. 🙂

    • Oops — I’m remiss! I usually post photo credits, but this time, I didn’t. Now I can’t find it. Boo! But if you Google for images (key words: Big Girl Panties), you’ll find lots of options, including that picture.

  3. Melodye,
    I’ve seen your comments on LJ friends lists, so feel like I know you a bit. I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my friends list. Especially since I just butted in to join you and Lorraine writing today….

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