Thankful Thursday: Joy in the Morning

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.
Psalms 30:5

I’m grateful for the gift of another day, another birthday. And I’m especially grateful for this sentiment, which has sustained me all these years.


  1. Happy, happy day to you, Melodye — I hope that the sun warms your heart, your family’s love fills your sights, hope encourages your creative spirit, and the laughter and smiles of friends blesses each moment — HUGS, to a very lovely and special person!

  2. Betty Smith used those very same, gorgeous words in the title of one of my favorite Smith books: JOY IN THE MORNING.

    It is a gift indeed. We rise. We have another chance to make life mean something.

    Do you ever think about the odds that you ARE alive? That knowledge often stops me dead in my tracks. Of all the people created, how did I become one of them? {}

    I hope you had a wonderful, lovely joyous morning, afternoon, and evening.
    Today (Nov 12th) was our wedding annniversary. You and Me, Melodye. We’re forever tied to a day in time. Thanks, G-d!



  3. The whole gang down at Lula Belle’s BBQ and Chilie Parlor sends birthday wishes to a very special friend. Birthday cake and that special beer in your honor. Come on down and join us.

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