1. YES!

    Yes yes yes!

    If I had listened to the 20 agents who said “no” before I found Jenn … I would have given up.

    I am quite certain the right agent is out there for you. And the ones who are, Chicken Little-ish, claiming the sky is falling for memoirs, are NOT FOR YOU.


  2. I remember when we first talked about this on the phone. It’s so true. My own experience has shown that it doesn’t so much take one yes as it does one person who believes. That’s what we really need in this business – a dogged work ethic plus a bit of belief (and perhaps a streak of masochism).

  3. You have an amazing TRUE story to tell. I can’t imagine that this memoir is not going to end up on shelves – and in peoples’ hands.

    A round of applause from me to you.

  4. I believe in you and in your book Melodye! Don’t you dare give up!

    Your light is going to shine through all those shadows of doubt and an editor will be blinded by the truth of your story!

    I’m clapping…clapping…clapping!!

  5. Bubba is standing giving you a standing ovation. Keep your light on and may it shine as bright as any star in the heavens. That way Bubba can look high in the bright Texas night sky and think about you and your story until he can read it for himself. Keep right on trucking.

  6. I haven’t got to read LJ much this week because of work, so I’m glad I went back and read this. I love that part about not everyone believing. Write on, Melodye.

  7. I’m so glad that you are going to fight to keep your inner light glowing strong. I’m so glad that you aren’t letting the views of some keep you from pursuing your passion, Melodye. You have an amazing story to tell and we will all be richer for having heard it.

    Fly on, Tinkerbell. 🙂

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