1. “Repurposing”, especially when done well (as in these three pieces), is a great thing.

    I think my favorite is the second one — at first I thought it was a funky handbag, until the scale became apparent to me. Cool! — PL

    • *head smack* When you mentioned not knowing what it was right away, I realized I’d forgotten to add the brief descriptions. Fixed now, thanks to you. 🙂

      I like the ND pendant, too. Wearable art is so much fun–it’s meaningful to me, and a really fun conversation starter.

      P.S. Someone on FB referred to “repurposing” as “upcycling.” Same concept, I suppose, but I’m not sure I like that phrase as much.

      • “P.S. Someone on FB referred to “repurposing” as “upcycling.” Same concept, I suppose, but I’m not sure I like that phrase as much.”

        Hmmm… me neither. Sounds too much like chucking stuff in an “Upcycle” bin, whereas these pieces of wearable art you have displayed are clearly carefully thought out aesthetic uses of disparate elements that might otherwise be considered “junk”.

        I think we should stick with “repurposing” — it’s much more accurate.. and just FEELS better, too. — PL

          • snow

            “I agree with you 100%!


            P.S. Is it cold enough to snow yet?”

            Thankfully, not here, not yet. But Jeannine and I took a trip to the seacoast of New Hampshire this weekend, and on the drive, there were several places (at higher elevations and further north than where we live) which sported a light dusting of that foul white powder. I’m sure we will be inundated once more, sooner that we’d prefer.

            Why — are you planning another visit? — PL

          • Re: snow

            Eric and I were just talking about snow over dinner. He likes to tease me by suggesting we buy a “romantic” getaway in Stockbridge, Mass…it involves snow-shoeing and ice skating and bundling up in thick outerwear for long walks in winter wonderlands. It terrifies this weather wimp, and he knows it. 🙂

            We’re not planning a trip anytime soon, but if we did, I’d be sure to let you know, as I’d dearly love to see you & Jeannine again.

    • Thanks, Tracy. I was reluctant at first to “flash my wealth,” so to speak, but in truth, none of the pieces is costly. I do like the idea of repurposing–AND I like the idea that we don’t have to go all retail, all the time…that we can choose, instead, to support the efforts of other creative spirits.

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