Thankful Thursday

It seems right to update last week’s lamentations with a few things for which I’m grateful. 

My newest chapter, “Through a Glass Darkly,” is finally taking shape. God willing and the pipes don’t leak creek don’t rise, I think I’ll be ready to send out a few proposal submissions by early October.

How much do I love Larry the Honey-Do Man? We hired a guy who’s so comfortable in his own skin that he’s not afraid to show up on our doorstep wearing a pink polo shirt with a heart icon next to his company name. Even better, he’s completely housebroken and extremely competent at fixing All Things Broken. Of all the contractors I’ve been dealing with these past several weeks, this guy’s a keeper.

Subway salads, plastic forks…last night, we had an indoor picnic! I also broke (long-distance) bread with a second-generation evangelist whose father held tent revival meetings in the same areas and era as my dad. He’s got a cottage industry on the side, manufacturing (what else?) tents.

My older son’s spiritual quest led him to Judaism. After a couple of years of serious study, he converted about this time last year. I love what he’s teaching me about Yamim Noraim. I’m praying for, working toward Shanah Tovah u-Metukah — a good and sweet year to come.


    • Oh, that’s lovely. Thank you, and may you also be blessed by peace.

      Another thing I’m grateful for is my critique partners, mentors and cheerleaders. I remember shaking my head and saying “YES” when I read that on one of your recent blogs.

  1. Very interesting about your son…I often wonder where my kids will find their faith – I believe they’ll have faith, of course, just not sure what form it might take 🙂

  2. Congrats on your progress and the October goal, Melodye! I’m impressed by your ability to keep forging ahead despite the hammering and dust and distracting presence of Larry the Honey-Do Man (good distractions, I know, but distractions nonetheless). It’s very exciting!

  3. Continued good luck with Through a Glass Darkly. What a great title for a chapter!

    Indoor picnics can be a lot of fun, especially in the winter time in front of a roaring fireplace. My kids loved toasting marshmallows in the dead of winter. We had a large Ben Franklin wood stove and on the weekends they would want their father to cook camp eggs (scrambled eggs made in a cast iron skillet cooked over the coals) and then after supper they would turn off the lights and sit around toasting marshmallows.

    • Thank you. As you might have guessed, a later chapter’s going to be called “Face to Face.”

      Aw, your picnic sounds lovely. Mine’s not so picturesque, especially since we’re having summer-like weather and we have a gas fireplace. LOL.

      • Oy… delays and ethical breaches… when it rains it pours, eh? What sort of ethical breaches are you dealing with? That’s a great pic and the perfect icon, by the way. Ad yeah, eating out for so long would most definitely get ooooooold. Bleh. I much prefer something home cooked.

        Thanks, Melodye. I continue to be so thankful for your friendship and support.

    • I missed being there, Jonathan. A huge issue came up re our kitchen on Thursday (see my f-locked post today) and I had to take care of it ASAP. Argh. But I’ll see you next week, right?

      Loved your Kurt Vonnegut post, by the way. I’m with both of you on that!

  4. FYI: you’re allowed to lament, dear girl. Nice about DS’s interest in deeper things, cause they aren’t ‘things’…:)You memoir is going to be wonderful. I feel it. The chapter titles, your great talent, are all lining up for a fascinating read. Can’t wait for it!

    • Thanks, Katherine. Things are, well…these are challenging times. And you are SO RIGHT about DS. I love that, and I know you understand why, ’cause you’re also a mom.

      Thank you for your enthusiasm re my book. Is it wrong for me to say that I also think it’s going to be something special? I feel it, I swear.

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