1. I love that video! Thanks so much for sharing it. Made me smile. 🙂

    And I really liked your *own* first steps in creative journaling. I enjoyed your post about it, sorry I didn’t comment.

    • There’s so much generosity and love and creative freedom embedded in that video. I think the concepts apply to writing, as well. It makes me smile, too, so yay, another thing we share in common. 🙂

      Never any expectations about comments…but thank you. I appreciate your kind words.

  2. What a lovely little video. Such wonderful images (I was taken by the expressions on those bumblebees’ faces). It makes me think maybe I could try my hand at something like this if for nothing else, practice at keeping that nagging voice at bay.

    • Isn’t it sweet? And so encouraging. It’s an extension, of sorts, of what we learn in our yoga practice.

      I’d love to see you try this, Tracy. It’s as effortless and joyful as you want it to be. I’m no expert, as you know, but I’ll try to answer any Qs you might have–or refer you to my friend cartazon, who helped get me started.

  3. This morning I read the picture books, THE DOT and ISH by Peter H. Reynolds, to my children. They are both wonderful books and they reminded me of you and your artist’s journal. So beautiful, so inspiring, and so you.

    • I’d never heard of THE DOT OR ISH, but oh, I simply MUST have them both! Thanks for the recommendation…I’m going to add them to my b’day list. 🙂

      (And may I also add that your children are very lucky to have you as their mom?)

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