1. I read a book about her a few years ago and was both inspired and awed. The idea that someone could and would spend 30 years on the road advocating peace and abjuring all worldly goods is just mind boggling, like a throwback to an archaic age. Her views had a profound impact on me.

    It also seems a sad irony that she was killed in a car accident, one of the few times she accepted a ride.

    • She’s awe-inspiring, is she not? I hadn’t seen the video before this morning, but it’s amazing to think how many people’s lives she touched. It’s especially inspiring, given that she had (by all accounts) an unremarkable upbringing. Like a real-life Forest Gump perhaps, she just opened the door and started walking…and praying that God would use her for the greater good.

  2. Wow Melodye, I’m so glad you posted this. I didn’t watch it, but I went to the website and looked at her bio–she sounds like a remarkable woman.

    I agree, it would have been such an experience to walk with her for a bit.

    • Wouldn’t it have been wonderful, for all of us to walk together with her…? I can only imagine.

      The website captures the essence of this remarkable woman, but at your leisure, I highly recommend you watch the video. It’s lengthy, I know. But even if you have to break it into segments, I think you’ll enjoy hearing her talk about her journey. Plus, it’s wonderful to hear respected others weigh in on its impact.

    • It seems like an enormous commitment at first, but time flies while you’re watching the video, I think. Glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I agree…her Light shone brightly. Still does.

      (Thanks so much for your encouragement, Laura. These little snippets from the past seemed random at the time, but they often added up to something significant. I hope & pray that I can do them justice.)

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to light a candle, so to speak, in honor of the Peace Pilgrim–a woman who carried an important message in her heart, and who delivered it to the world through her feet.

      Enjoy the video! xo

  3. Re: ditto

    You are so kind. Thank you!

    I’ve encountered a great number of fascinating people in my life. Some, up-close and personal; others, from a distance. Either way, they made a big impression on the person I am now and will become. For each of those experiences, I am grateful.

    • Yes, it *was* a dreamlike experience! So befitting, as you said, the woman whom I was remembering. I don’t think any of us can truly understand how memory operates, but this makes perfect sense to me. Thank you!!

  4. Re: achievement, person and conscience

    Thanks for your thoughtful response to the video! I hadn’t looked at it through the same lens as you, so needless to say, I had much to contemplate last evening.

    I’m just one person, of course, but here’s what I believe. Please bear in mind that these aren’t rebuttals…just further reflections on what I consider a very worthwhile conversation.

    It’s impossible for any of us to know completely the circumstances of Peace Pilgrim’s marriage. And in my mind, a single individual is no less precious than the multitudes. So I don’t know that I can weigh the peace walk in the same scale as her private relationships.

    Similarly, I don’t think it’s possible for us to measure the depth (and value) of Peace Pilgrim’s sacrifice. As with the woman who broke the alabaster so as to annoint the Lord with precious oils, her actions were fed by an inner urgency. At the time, many considered that woman both impetuous and wasteful, but Jesus acknowledged her passion and blessed her for it. Similarly, if by our works we shall be known, Peace Pilgrim’s lasting legacy is one of sacrifice and love. Who can fault her for praying (and serving others) with her feet?

    Again, thanks for opening up this conversation. If you have more insights to share, I’m listening! xo

  5. Re: achievement, person and conscience

    I love exchanges such as this! It matters to me what other people think and feel. Plus–as with your insights, so generously shared–they challenge me to clarify my own thinking.

    (And now I’m curious to know more about ascetism. You had me running to the dictionary with that one!)

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