The Power of One Voice

At one point in my life, I doubted that one citizen could make a difference in our government. My recent experiences are a direct challenge to my former way of thinking. 

Today, AB 2165, the bill I’ve been promoting for several months, passed out of the California Assembly on “Consent.” That means it got an up-arrow vote out of the Assembly, with NO opposition. Yay! 

Next stop: the California Senate, where the bill will be assigned to a policy committee. I’ll be headed back to Sacramento, to help ensure committee members’ positive votes. 

If all goes well, there will be a vote of the entire Senate, and the bill will eventually land on our Governor’s desk. Look for us, Arnold: we’re on our way! 


    • Thanks, Meg. It feels good to have made this kind of progress; I think I’m seeing the finish line. I’m still crossing my fingers and toes, but I feel very optimistic at this point.

      LOVE your icon, by the way. It’s so perfect!

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