1. What a life! Two years ago a bunch of my teacher friends and I went to a Dr. Phil shooting and then out to lunch nearby the studio. We were oohing and ahhing over the celebrities we saw. We even took a tour through Bel Air and drove pass Antonio Bandera’s two homes. I swear that’s the first time I ever saw a Bentley.

    Thanks for sharing! I bet your lunch( and the guy friend of the trophy wife) was really yummy too.

    • I was just reminiscing with a friend about the time he stole a lemon from a celebrity’s tree on a star tour (probably like the one you took). The *amazing* thing is that I’m now granted backstage-pass access to these celebrities (of a sort) — no need to sneak the forbidden fruit!

      • Oh no, I went with a teacher friend who’s mom and companion live in Bel Air and are neighbors with Antonio and Melanie. If I was neighbors with Antonio I’d be checking him out–even though he does have a high frequency security system on both of their properties.

    • Maybe it’s my reflection in the windshield — or Paris running after me. Nah, it’s probably just the flash bouncing back off the glass. Fun to fantasize about, though.

  2. Love your description of the journey to get there.

    Great photos and great details. Looks like you had fun playing Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for a day!

        • In very general terms, that’s the point of my book. You can’t know for sure until you get up close and personal. Until then, it’s all pure speculation — and likely a stereotypical guess at that.

          • See? That’s why I’m one of the straight guys in the world that would read your book. And actually, I think more of my kind would read it than you may think. So, go get the thing written. What are you doing on Livejournal? 🙂

            🙁 And what am I doing on Livejournal? Here’s to me listening to myself.


    • Hmmm…I hadn’t thought about it in quite that way, but that’s an interesting metaphor. I like knowing that even nonfiction can carry a figurative message — even if it’s unintentional.

  3. I can’t wait to sell the book so it’ll be on its way to the shelves (and to you!).

    She’s VERY personable — a fascinating, energetic, life-life-on-the-edge-of-your-seat woman.

    You know how it is with photos: sometimes you’re on, and sometimes you’re not.

    You and your questions about handbags! Not much fits inside a Judith Lieber purse, I grant you. I had to loan her my lip gloss. LOL!

    • Absolutely! That would be SO MUCH FUN, Meg!!! Let’s be sure to call each other first, though, so we don’t show up wearing the same color and accessories, OK? *wink*

  4. Um…Paris parks her Bentley on the SIDEWALK? LOL! That’s not even allowed in my hillbilly community! 😉

    Great photos! I may have been a trophy wife in a previous life…

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